Newmarket Play Festival Wants Youth!

 Play Time!

When the Newmarket International Festival of One Act Plays started out in 2017, the founder and visionary of the festival, John Dowson I'm sure had aspirations of it becoming an internationally recognized festival, but likely even he didn't envision its growth in recognition and notoriety in such a short period of time! Even in losing 2020 to covid, and then being attendance restricted the following one in 2021 still didn't stunt its growth, with the festival organizers adding online streamimg to increase the festival's profile and audience numbers in spite of those obstacles - and to the delight of the international and Canada-wide dwelling playwrights - then enabled to view their creations coming to life on stage while tuning in from as far away as Australia! The festival typically runs over 3 evenings in early September 8 - 11th  with a Sunday, with a young person themed daytime matinee show added for 2022. Of course, before there can even be a show, a call for submissions had to go out and the festival is now winding down its reception of those hopefuls.
Robert Mcneely - Room For Cream

This year the Newmarket International Festival of One Act Plays has added a youth element to its submission stable by being committed to presenting one performance matinee show for Young Audiences (TYA).This idea was inspired by an entry in 2021 by local award winning journalist and author of 3 books, turned playwright, Rod Urquhart, whose play adaptation (Gilda) of a children's book, Gilda The Princess (also written by a beloved long time Newmarket resident, Olie Madsen) was well received. And this new addition will now provide a wonderful opportunity for emerging playwrights - and hopefully youthful ones - to have their one act plays presented to paying live and streaming audiences locally and worldwide! 

Gilda's 22 year old Director, Kira Rosenbloom will also be offering up a series of online workshops for any youths looking to hone their theatrical creative skills - from writing, to acting, to directing - which the hope is to inspire a future generation of performing arts enthusists and maybe even some future stars! To be kept informed on the workshops please follow the link to stay in the registration loop or connect on Instagram! Watch for Kira on the Out & About Town, Newmarket Pickering College radio show, Tues March 15 @ 6PM and Sun 20th at 11AM @102.7 Chop FM. Photos by Scottie Luk
Carol Ann Matus - The Book Club Thief

Hey Youth!

If you'd like to enter a youthful creation for 2022, please submit your one act play to and visit the website for more information.

Robert Mcneely, Laurie Laing, Lee Elson
The Newmarket International Festival of One Act Plays is supported by The Very Useful Theatre Company, a registered charity which's mission is to facilitate and promote local live theatre arts opportunities as well as raise funds for great causes like the Newmarket Food Pantry!

Mother's Day On Main St Newmarket Contest 2018

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada's, Main Street, has been called, "One of Canada's most beautiful", and therefore is certainly a good fit for most any mom on May 13, Mother's Day but it's unique shops, boutiques, and services also are much deserving of praise when it comes to all things mom.

From fantastic restaurants, patios, cafes and live entertainment, to quaint gift and novelty shops, to vintage and new clothing, to amazing spa services, beauty and hair salons, Main St., Newmarket certainly has enough to please most any Mom and we hope to showcase that through a contest that gives one lucky mom a great time out on her special day! #mothersdayonmain

#MothersDayOnMain #mothersdayonmain

Mothers Day On Main starts or ends at Balsam Day Spa (Mom's choice) where she'll meet with the professional staff and owners and arrange for her own special spa experience from her winning prize $120 Value Gift Certificate. Balsam Spa, located a little more north than most in the prize package group at 38 Main St. S., has been at their beautiful historic home location for over four years now and have been  consistently top performers earning consecutive Top Choice and 3 Best awards as well as glowing online reviews from repeat clients Whether looking for massage therapy, body and facial treatments, waxing, threading, eyelash extensions, micro-blading, nails or mani or pedicures the friendly professional staff will take care of you or your mom! But hurry its a busy day!

See Balsam Spa's Intro video here.

You can order spa products, services and gift certificates now online!

Mother's Day would most certainly not be complete without flowers and to that end we feel Blooming Wellies located at 171 Main St S has the expertise and know-how to more than please mom with a bouquet of flowers. If you've not gone inside the shop located just inside an  historic building on Main and across from a beautiful church to experience the flower arrangements and smells of fresh cut flowers, its time you did! but don't leave it until Mother's day because like any good florist - they will be busy that day, the most busy day of the tear in the industry and for that we especially appreciate Blooming Wellies beautiful bouquet contribution to Mothers Day On Main!

To call Blooming Wellies : 905-657-8984 or Order Online right here!

Have you discovered Red Scarf Equestrian yet? Wow, although the clothing, accessories and hats are mostly designed for equestrians to use, most certainly the Red Scarf's garments and accessories; like equestrian bracelets and bangles, shawls, Irish wool sweaters and hats of a variety that most anyone (mom!) could wear, not to mention Dad's-wear, and even for the horse! In addition Red Scarf carries bone china mugs, like the Made in England Dunoon Mugs and offer even more access to order products online! 

The Red Scarf, located at 221 Main St is providing the winning mom her choice of a great Dunoon Mug or a Hello Sunshine hat which must be seen to be instantly loved! I don't relish mom's decision making quagmire! Ha. See more or order directly on the Red Scarf  Equestrian website right here! on Main

An ideal Mother's Day also includes some laughs and to that end we've chosen a suitable printed T - shirt from Main St's, with a message mom can embrace with her sense of humour! Or not! Should the winning #mothersdayonmain  Mom wish, she can trade our choice for a choice of her own from the dozens of messages and art printed on custom T's in the display racks and adorning the walls, alongside numerous novelty and gift type items in the long time Main St icon.

2 P.M. @ #Mothersdayonmain

About now, mom's likely getting hungry and so we've booked her a spot (winners must confirm) at the gorgeous Cachet Restaurant & Bar, located at the foot of  Main and Water Sts.S, with the ambient Fairy Lake Falls running nearby to sooth and add to mom's already superb outing.

In additional to Cachet's beautiful restaurant and patio and delicious food and drink, Cachet provides live entertainment on the patio on weekends and Mothers Day, as well as features a special Mother's Day menu. The winning Mom's in for a treat that day! Sorry kids, you're on your own though! Visit their website here.

Neon Flamingo Cafe & Ice Bar

Mom deserves a nice specialty coffee and desert of course too, and so following her lunch, mom and a guest can enjoy fresh made coffee or espresso or cappuccino using fresh roasted beans and desert, pastry or iced delight from the Neon Flamingo Cafe & Ice Bar located at 206 Main St., tucked into the back of one of Main St Newmarket's most unique shops, Haven Eclectic Modern Style which I'm sure mom will not be able to pass through without having enjoyed witnessing the nostalgic decor and items for sale, from retro to unique novelty, while the Cafe has the most interesting flamingo lollipops that are all the rage!

The Neon Flamingo also sports street window side lounge tables for natural lighting while you sit in in addition to its eclectic mix of products and nostalgic decor which the contest winning mom will I'm sure enjoy her spoilings!

British Imports

British Imports, located at Timothy & Main St's, is a long time Newmarket icon, with the next generation now running the family business but with the same old fashioned service you come to expect from shopkeepers in and around Newmarket's Main St - likely because of long time examples I'm sure such as British Imports. 

Whether you crave steak & mushroom pies like from "back home, or baked goods, potato scones, cookies, candies, grocery or novelty back'ome stuff, this is your place! And we thought that this old fashioned style shop, complete with bell attached to the door to greet visitors would be a fine example stop on our Mother's Day on Main adventure and it is there mom will get her roses...well imported from the UK chocolate roses anyway!

Those are not the only shop and restaurants on Main Street that moms would love but all we had time to get to! So happy Mother's Day to all the mothers win or lose! 

How To Enter?

It all sounds wonderful you say but how do I enter the #mothersdayonmain contest?

There are 3 Easy Steps to Enter the Mother's Day On Main contest

1."Like" TPE Productions Facebook Page to "follow" for further instructions.

2. View and Share TPE's video of the #Mothersdayonmain contest with your mom or kids.

3. TPE has posted this question you must answer to enter - 

Q: Which streets intersection is the video showing Main St looking north shot from?

The answer is contained within the videos and images posted already on the TPE FB page
Send the answer to the question and contact info and Moms name to TPE, where ONE winner will be drawn ONE week prior to Mother's Day on Sunday May 6 which falls on May 13 in 2018. Some conditions apply. 

Watch for new questions being posted on FB, Instagram & Twitter feeds to enter more than once! One entry per question per family.

Good Luck to you all the Moms!

Just For Laughs Solo Shows - TV Taping

Comedy and I go way back, even further than the hospitality / crafts industry. I recall as a kid watching old comics like Bob Hope, Abbott & Costello, and Lucille Ball with my mom and of course kids shows including - dare I say it - Fat Albert with Cosby doing the voices. But it was George Carlin who first drew my attention to stand-up, with his record that contained the 10 words you couldn't use on television. Too young to partake, it was invigorating when I did.

How dare someone say these things? But when they were funny it was alright to say them. Laughing was like therapy, and by extension, becoming a "class clown" on occasion, a signature even today, my original online content and TPE internet shows often using comedy to deliver the message.

Make People Happy

Now, despite all the movies, tv sitcoms and online opportunities these days for content, it's often hard to find fresh, daring material, particularly with the sensitive nature of today's society, so it's nice when we discover gems that do the genre justice such as the Just For Laughs folks, also infamous due the the growing spotlight on the 4 years young JFLs Festival #JFLF42 which sports the tagline of  simply"Make People Happy".

Toronto Just For Laughs Festival Sept 21 - 30 - 2017

Passes and Tickets available here #JFLF42 

In addition 42 different acts performing in the 2017 JFL Festival there are also headliners like Bill Burr, John Mulaney, Tom Segura, Mike Birbiglia, My Favorite Murder, Tim & Eric and Ali Wong for who they've had to add another night at the Sony Performance Centre due to 3 sold out shows, so you'd need act fast to in on that.

Just For Laughs I'd say cut its teeth and got it's branding power by presenting live stand-up comedy on tv though, reminiscent of that forgotten raw era of simply a comedian and a microphone for the most part, with JFL showcasing the funniest bits, while also engaging some of the talent, to infuse quippy, back-stage banter-like exchanges reminiscent of a style I myself once used on Out & About when interviewing comedians like Derek Edwards, Mike Bullard, Heidi Foss and Christopher Hawes backstage before going on. It's also re-mindful of comedy workshops with the seasoned pro's I'd attended years ago and participating in the then Canada's Funniest New Comic - losing to Jeremy Hotz as I recall at the time - before Just For Laughs was born! Ha. memory lane...

I Knew Her When...!

However as good as the Just For Laughs forum has been for showcasing new and established talent, what viewers may not know is that the television versions have to be edited for time logistics reasons and very possibly sometimes, because the material is to risque for tv, and often the very gem performance clips you don't want to miss!

See a JFL Live Taping in Toronto! Book Tickets 

Ever wanted to be part of a comedy show audience?

Best kept JFJ Secret - Just For laughs Solo Show TV Specials are taping with a live audience in Toronto, Monday, Sept 25, 26, at the 1871 Berkeley Church, located at 315 Queen St East, featuring some of the hottest comedians - upcoming and seasoned - including...(I could tell you who, but I would have to kill you. Lol)...and is sure to be memorable for anyone attending live!

Doors open to the audience at 7:30 pm Monday Sept 25 and 7:00 pm Tuesday Sept 26th 2017.

Check JFL42 to book for a live taping of the Just For Laughs Solo Shows 

You can Follow TPE on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram 

TPE Summer Live Entertainment Highlights

Well September finally came it seems, but, alas, summer was a mixed bag this year from a live entertainment and band events stand point with some notables having to be cancelled due to extreme weather. Fortunately, enough of a summer emerged to host an array of outdoor activities in and around the G.T.A. and Ontario and if you looked hard enough, you could also find some great talent.

For me I'd been hoping to see some of the old time / town faves before they / we get to old to appreciate or play anymore. Talent like Montreal born David Wilcox, always a favorite of mine, but who I hadn't seen play live in Eons. Yes that's correct Eons.

At any rate, I caught D.W., Harlequin, Glenn Marais among some over the summer, so here's a sampling of what TPE didn't miss in the summer of 2017.

Catch more TPE highlights on FB and 

Thursday Nights Joe Delima hosts a rock jam at Scarborough Ontario's The Birchmount Bar & Grill

David Wilcox rockin in Aurora, Ontario

Harlequin hits the stage in Aurora, Ontario 

Glenn Marrais Band hits stage at Newmarket Music Festival

Bonnie & Clyde Craft Services Cater Stolen Palates

When a P.A. job that was craft service heavy uncovered a talent for fresher snacks and baked goods, on-set actor, Tom Pearson, took notice, and reacting to the obvious positive responses to the array of prepared foods that were made being received while witnessing on hands the difference it made in moral to cast and crew, who are often served up uninspired dished fraught with mediocrity, he decided to team up with said food wizzardess ( Shelley Nadeau)  and formed Bonnie & Clyde Craft Services and Catering. TP, having spent years in hospitality and catering and who pens Tom's Top 10 lists among other industry related media he produces, thought it a great idea to take that home-style food and cater to the film industry only, knowing how they work and that small nuances that go with that like...."Quiet on the set!

Bonnie's famous deelish Butter Chicken
Although flavour and heartiness are # 1 to cover for Bonnie & Clyde, they are also keenly aware of the need for healthier dishes and sides, and so you can always expect a rounded out " square meal" with some healthy attachments.

B&C prefers to prepare at their own choice from their selection, basing choices to keep it varied and adjusting on the fly to meet expectations to give the best service and freshest offerings. This method not only saves the client time from deciding which sides on which day and allows the pros to add what they believe goes with each dish and with a variety to please both health conscious and taste/ hearty conscious cast and crew members. Just like you trust the Director in their job to capture the right shot, B&C too asks you trust they will too. The method saves costs and allows for freshest fair and a better value to the customer.
roasted beet salad

The bottom line is people like the food and its delivered and kept hot or cold until consumed, a service B&C prides themselves in.

We want to give the best service possible and know that productions don't need any more noise or distractions. By delivering on that with great tasting hearty food, Bonnie & Clyde is stealing palates!

Call or Text @ 289-221-0928 - 1st Time Bookings Receive $2 Off Per Head!

Customer choices;
Mmmm mamas Pulled pork

Standard Menu Mix Our choice   @ $17 head - 
                                  Your Choice  @ $19 head
Standard +                                      @ $23

Star Standard                                 @ $35 head

On the Healhier Side                     @ $23 head

Wrap -Party Bash  - Standard Wrap Bash - $35 - includes entertainment or DJ
                              - Total Wrap Party - $50 head includes entertainment / DJ / Servers/ food

Note: All menus offer vegan/vegetarian options for individuals. Should an individual have 2 or more food type conditions, they are charged the Star Standard rate in its place.

1st Time booking Receive $2 Off Per Person

See Menu and more on FaceBook!

Hey Mac & Cheese

OMG for Gelato @ G For Gelato Toronto

I'm not sure Ben & Jerry's ice cream started out with the philosophy that G For Gelato's restaurant owner Shant Behesnilian has but it's his and he's sticking to it. And what philosophy is that you ask? Well Shant follows the three 1's. He must be first in freshness / quality, service, and price and feels if he does that he can't lose. Whassup G!?

" It's a very competitive market for gelato in Toronto", Behesnilian says.

He won't buy a cheaper chocolate for example, and it must be imported from Belgium.

"Being number one in those categories give me the edge on competitors."

And in a 4 short years, Shant's philosophy seems to be paying off at his 75 Jarvis St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada location getting such a reputation for the best gelato around that he's sought out to supply top end restaurants and through packaging is now delivering the fresh product too. Demand has been such he's had to lease more space to make more gelato to keep up. He knows they can't rest on their laurels, but the proof ,as they say, is in the pudding... and, in this case, a cold, creamy one.

Great spot across street to enjoy a walk or sit and enjoy gelato! 

And judging by the ongoing foot traffic at the downtown Jarvis at Adelaide Street location, even during non peak hours, he's right on the money. Or perhaps in the money, albeit with smaller margins because of his quality standards and as winters are slower, he's incorporated espresso coffees and some Italian style bistro food like pizza - as I understand also a city's top fave pick - again made in-house fresh to keep sales up and more staff employed year round one imagines. I'll have to try the pizza next time!

Now supplies fresh gelato with refrigerated truck 416-792-1761

Check G For Gelato out for yourself. you won't be disappointed...OMMMM G For Gelato a definite Tom's Top 10 for deserts in Toronto!