Good Times, Bad times

Join Good Times for Open Stage Fridays and support her cause and right to have sound!!
Good Times Bar & Grill in Newmarket, Ontario has had their license suspended for reasons including playing a small radio/speaker, as technically they say its amplified music which they claim her liquor license prohibits. I attended the original licensing hearing 7 years ago and believe they've made a mistake here and that the provision referred to outside speakers only - not inside the establishment. A rumour they were serving until 4am (which later became 5) is not true either. It was the liquor inspector who sat with them until then. They hope to have it reinstated shortly.

The person (2 of them presided) recording the original licensing proceedings by hand, was having a hard time keeping pace as I recall and possibly even hearing, as I'd repeated twice that I'd become involved (at the time) in that particular community surrounding the Good Times location via the Mulock Village Community Development Committee.But in reading the licensing comments later, I noticed they had me from somewhere beginning with a "B" even though I recall repeating it for him at least twice upon his request to do so.

A number of times he asked for time to catch up in writing, and as such, I believe when the discussion turned to being about the outside he was not aware that at that point the discussion was about the outside / patio area. And so when it was mentioned "no amplified music" he recorded it as to pertain to the entire place inside and out. After no complaints in 6 years on noise the supposed license " noise" loop hole was found by one overzealous resident and the fight was on so to speak.

In my 19 plus years in and around the hospitality industry I have never heard of such a severe sound provision.

At this writing I sit waiting to testify as they try and prevent me from doing so asking for a 3rd remand and consulting higher ups on every move it seems. They've already told a sound producer 0f 20 years with university education in the field and who's worked with acts such as Blue Rodeo to Stompin Tom that he's not qualified to testify about sound. Each play is calculated to discredit or disallow testimony that should be allowed for due process, otherwise we have chaos. And chaos is what Good Times owner Noel now has.

If you are a restaurant / bar owner you might want to stay tuned as these liquor boards have deep pockets of your money and have fought tooth and nail to keep me from testifying which they didn't succeed in doing at the end but tried to limit to one question.

I testified that although she may have had growing pains as an owner some years ago she's shown a willingness to work with the community as she bno longer accommodates All  Ages shows and heavy metal types of bands ( which I advised against at the time) and a distinction need be made between a karaoke per say and these other "noise producing" devises let alone the woman having her TV on which technically they can charge her for the amplification."

I also mentioned that when I do events with the town a decibel level stipulation is set and should you breach it you can be held accountable. I suggested if they wanted to limit her they should be more specific because not allowing for a bar to have any music, let alone even any restaurant, is ludicrous frankly and certainly not the intent of that provision as penned onto the original license.

Meantime Bar & Gill owner Noel is losing her business as this drags on.

Come support freedom of music and the right to conduct business by sending today and tomorrow at Holiday Inn Newmarket or come out  

Fri Night Open Stage Night -  and help support Good bad times.

Open Stage Friday's

The original new logo in 2008!
Recently while holding an event, one of the performers I'd used a few times and who's displayed some talent, communicated a desire to host an open stage or acoustical jam or something to that effect and as it happened I'd be asked to testify at a licensing hearing for a local place known to feature live entertainment. That was part of the reason however that they are in a hearing fighting for their license, because the powers that be claim - after 5 years of not mentioning it apparently - that they believe the location is not allowed any amplified music whatsoever according to their liquor license.

TPE was the original promoter and entertainment booker
I was at the original licensing hearing some years ago and my recollection is that those conditions were specific to the outside of the building only. I mean, think about it, what place is told no amplification whatsoever? That means no tv, no radio, jukebox, no stereo, no nothing because all use "amplified sound".

Meantime owner Noel was almost in tears after her hearing which ended with a remand and no decision leaving her soundless still. Told she'd had only two customers that day in her absence while at the hearing Friday, she looked at me and said,  "What am I supposed to do? I'm ruined." 

Amps at PACC fundraiser @GoodTimes in 2008 now a nono
I though about "cheering her up" with some pun-like ideas - like Mime Night!..Or A Capella Night but I didn't want to confuse her...besides I had some ideas about how to turn her situation into a positive.It was early in the evening too I thought, still time for her to make something happen that night...and beyond!

This is why I thought of Good Times when Matthew's dilemma came up. The ambiance is perfect for it. He plays acoustics and sings and theoretically it could work without amps is my why not make it so!

Voila - Friday Night Open Stage Night @ Good Times Cafe Bar & Grill.

One of the first ever TPE performers at Good Times 2007 from Nashville
After settling in a bit, the tallish Matt aka Sunbranch, played an array of originals and old covers with unique twists and turns laden into the mix - keeping that "same old, same old" definitely out which was great! At times playing with a partner, a songbird of a girl who harmonized like an angel in bluejeans and who did some cool solo covers as well, the two kept the interest and energy levels rising as the night progressed and had a cool vibe growing as it were. I look forward to more duets and trios and shaker instruments and everything else Sunbranch and friends will bring to the mix!

Sunbranch and the Songbird
Sunbranch and friends Host the 1st official Open Stage Friday's at Good Times Friday Mar 29 starting at 9 PM with NO COVER. bring an instrument or bring yourself -  just bring!

Bradford beats Newmarket for Road hockey Crown

It was a great day for youth last Saturday with the Bradford Rampage busting into to Newmarket and walking away with the annual shinny crown.

The Friendly Neighbourhood Youth Road Hockey Challenge in it's 9th year had it's first out of town winner, pushing teams to already be vowing to wrest The Mulock Cup back next year!

Admittedly with a smaller budget than in years past, and with only a handful of volunteers to pull it off, we were happy I think just getting through this year.

Ever reffed while making hot chocolate? I have! Okay, I did have someone take over before rushing out to start the third.

But that being said the competition was close with both the semi-final and final games of the youth tourney portion being decided by a single goal.

The semifinal, featuring the Mulock Hawks and the Brayfield Bears went 8-7 Bears, while in the final it was Brayfield vs the Bradford Rampage with the Bears just falling short 9-8 in the end.

Bears player Tyler Gray was awarded the Mike Thornhiill Memorial Award for outstanding contributions to the community. Tyler who volunteers for his community's annual family picnics, clean-ups, as well as delivers the community newsletter and is always there for any community event - staying to the end. He represents the type of youth leader we feel need be recognized and awarded. He has also has been a returning member of the Bears team for a number of years taking the initiative to knock on doors in order to do so! Good job Tyler and congratulations!

See Video Highlights here
This years event had a definite Elvissy feel to it with local living Elvis Priestly ( Dorian Baxter) also hanging out to play some all ages roadhockey and do some singing. Singer guitarist Matt also sang and played some acoustical tunes while youth social network founder Jazzled's Wendy Marais also stopped by to help out!

The Lion's Club hall served as an ideal spot for teams to register, regroup, and get warm in between games - and eat up the free hotdogs and drink the hot chocolate!

Skills Contest prizes were awarded by - cool duffle bags stuffed with goodies and a card redeemable at the Main St Newmarket South location for a cool printed T-shirt!

Elvis Priestly -AKA Dorian Baxter showed he has game - albeit I think he's a little more skilled as an orator than a hockey player thank-you very much!!

Volunteers made the day as without them - ref Matthew seen below - we'd of been toast.

We look forward to next year's 10th anniversary and hope to attract more support from the local council and community as it was disturbing not seeing one politician stop by at such an event that offers all kids a chance to play together for community pride. A shame the councillors or mayor didn't show the same pride in their's and form ward teams! When we first started 9 years ago we hoped especially local councilors would embrace it as a way to connect, but it hasn't worked out that way. Maybe next year we'll get a more community oriented council that can see why embracing and participating in events designed to engage all youth are important for the town.


Special thanks also to

Newmarket Mitsubishi for their sponsorship money. As the event had no government assist funds or town event grants attached to it the private sector support became very much needed!

Bradford Rampage 


2013 Mulock Cup

Tyler Gray


Mike Thornhill Memorial Award

March Break Free Activity! End Obesity through...

Wow! Talk about working a rough' hood! PACC had to work magic to convince youths to drop their weapons in lieu of hockey sticks for a day! Ha. Getting kids to participate in this day and age of computer games can prove tough as is but with a little assist you can do it!
The "cache"
Neighbourhood kids are seen here preparing for Sat March break end event now held 2014 at Newmarket Town Hall parking lot 395 Mulock Dr!  The Annual Friendly Neighbourhood youth tourney is open to all ages too! 
Skills challenge 10:30 AM Sat Mar 16
"Put the kids back on the streets" - an after school activity - through road hockey beyond this event and help end obesity!

Join TP Saturday Mar 15 2014

Hot food! Hot Chocolate..all free for players! How can you beat that!?

Car!Big thanks to 2013 Sponsor Newmarket Mitsubishi!

these kids were playing with toy guns before our road hockey 'program" got hold... playing with toy guns...rather they aspire to be sports heroes....
RoadHockey Mom

Tourney and pick up games All Free

10:30 AM All Ages Skills Contest  prizes by

All Ages Pick Up Games. Goes until 5PM

Some of the kids
Bring a stick & join in! 

Or enter a youth team..

Dad has no chance!
Register a team in advance or add yourself to a team 
Call TP @ 289-221-0928 or email

Extreme Potty Humour

Recently I wrote a blog that was penned as a promotion for a stand-up comedy show, done through a blog featuring a posting of a stand up routine. It was laiden with adult humor, some of it outrageous, and was a re-creation of a stand up routine - not anyone's real life. The content was meant to be humourous, crude humour at times yes, but humour nevertheless. Okay, Okay, maybe the viagara stuff was way off the scale, but that's what exaggerations do, they break them.
Humour is subjective..just ask Alfredo!

Comedy through stand-up is an exaggeration of things we hear about from people around us, our environment, and from ourselves, in snippets, and then blown up to outrageous proportions. It's not meant to be taken literally nor personally. This particular routine was more down the road of George Carlin to give you an idea as opposed to....who? They all seem to use some crude humour come to think of it now a days.

I always thought of Tim Allen from Tool Time  as clean cut, and would certainly relate him to family shows and kids, but man his stand-up show is all out adult crude and rude! I couldn't believe listening to his routine the other day when I caught him on t.v., as no subject seemed taboo. When he started getting into the jokes about how he farts more now that he's older but hides it better, I tuned out...but for someone else they may have found that funny! Not me and to each their own, but I certainly wouldn't hold it against him or perhaps boycott Tool Time or anything for using adult humour in a made up stand up routine aimed at an audience of adults. Tool man Tim would still be welcome at any trades shows featuring tools I'm sure loaded with familys and kids getting pics with him because people are able to separate " Standup Tim" from "Tool Time Tim" and don't relate the two. I guess that's kind of what I expected through posting a standup routine - that mature people could separate the two.

This being said I can see now how access to the blog I had posted could have resulted in youths accidentally coming across it at some point - and although I had placed a large warning in red warning that content may have been offensive to some, and mentioned 18+, youths may still have been able to accidentally stumble across it or the link to it if they "searched" for TPE blogs at any time in the future so I decided to move it.
Standup humour in an Elvis Impression can be funny

Maybe catch a live Yuk Yuk's show!

Meantime here's some safe, "Clean" Potty Humour for you! 

If you don't like Potty Humour then I suggest you don't read below!

                  Stand-up Ala Tim Allen from Tool Time style...

"The Dance"

Soon after I'd moved into a new neighbourhood I'd gone for a long walk with the kids to discover the local shops about an hours walk away, and 3/4's the way there I suddenly realized I was wearing white pants, after I'd suddenly realized the little fart I'd just had..wasn't a fart at all! And I also realized at that point, talk about stating the obvious, that I needed a bathroom..badly...and I still had like..blocks to go! I crossed the street as fast as I could, taking all my concentration to look oblivious to my dilemma and demanding the usual things at the usual rapid fire pace as you stroll at break-neck speed son's little feet barely touching the ground, and it takes all you have to simply concentrate on gripping his hand and pushing the stroller with the other while keeping your bowels contained until you get there. You've managed to find a style that allows you to keep your butt cheeks clenched. Kinda like a penguin running toward water, a polar bear on his tail.

Finally you reach the closest (donut) shop shoving a looney in your kid's hand to keep them amused on a video game for a "minute" as you dash to the bathroom ...Frick!..the door's locked!

At this point you start doing "The Dance". Come on you all know what I'm talking about.  You've all done it I'm sure. You start bouncing from one foot to the other as if somehow doing that will stop the...flow.. from coming exploding out of you......Hey, maybe it does work? Maybe it spills over from your bladder and back and forth into each leg as long as you keep moving you keep catching the internal overflow. Who knows why we do it but we do. You look like you're doing a sit down version right now maam? Do you have to go to the bathroom? No? You sure? because if you do it's okay. I know what it's like. Or use it as an excuse to leave the show. Shit I would! Someone embarrassing me like that. No pun intended.Anyway where was I? Sorry ma'am, I was just kidding. I know women are notorious for holding it. Anyway, yea, so suddenly You hear a flush! Finally the end is in sight!..but "The Dance" has gotten more and more intense as your intervals of changing foot leanings is now down to milliseconds on each you await the door opening your inners ready to burst now..then you hear tap water running..Shoot! You had to get stuck behind someone clean!.. 

Never mind your frickin hands your mom was a liar! " 

The Dance" has taken on another dimension now and then you just can't stop it anymore! First it's just a slight release..a splatter..but you're pretty sure you can hold it to that, and then there's another as you're still doing the dance try to control it, and finally the door opens! For that brief moment you're able to stop the dance as he passes by and you manage to look completely at ease, then the millisecond he passes you zip in ripping at your pants button as you close the door and lock it.. but excrement is now just exploding out of you everywhere!

And I mean everywhere and it just kept coming like a frickin' machine gun out of control!
Potty Humour : The driver first thought impaired, had the dance.

Yea, and you've already mentally resolved now that the day's over, you're just hoping to get out unnoticed at this point! But...shit, sorry, couldn't help myself, Shit! not only do you have to clean it off yourself, but off the floor, the walls, the ceiling? Ceiling? How the...? ..and oh yea, the "white" pants....or you could get out as fast as you can and leave it with some poor attendant...gulp..Hey I did my best...Seriously!

Somehow I got my son's attention and managed to get him to phone a cab from the payphone clear across the room from me as I cleaned up as best I could...crap in every conceivable crevice that my lower body seemed to muster..folds I never knew existed emerged. It was disgusting..I'd a kicked me out for Christ sakes..even the mirror had some dots of proof...or poo-f.

I stayed with my back to the wall all the while we waited. The great single dad outing experience over before it began and the novelty of having allowed the kids sweets at the donut shop wearing off as they realized the promised exciting outing was coming to an end. You try explaining about having an accident and they become louder,

" You had an accident? You mean you pooed yourself!" 

" Sshhh....I'll explain later.Want another pop?"

Finally the cab comes! And if you can believe it likely the only day I can recall ever getting picked up by a beautiful cab driver, in my life I mean, usually I got someone who I'd be happy if they just spoke english, but this was like a godsend! And so here I am trying to be be personable, and charming as I sit not quite all the way down on my seat so my pants don't stick to my skin, the smell starting to become apparent I'm sure as I laughed and pointed at my kids and shrugged at her. No I didn't, but it was definitely not my most swaggering moment I can tell you.

After I got out I flashed a smile and goodbye but forgot to walk backwards giving her a full view I would imagine..future chances likely all gone in one shitty moment...all in all it was just one really shitty day!

 Have a Good One!

PS: Did it all happen exacly like this? Of course not, it's an exaggeration, but if I told you my driver's name was Raj and was personable speaking perfect english etc would it have been as 'effective? I doubt it.


Blogger given 24 hours to Get Out of Town!

I was sent an e-mail - not mail but e-mail - ordering me to remove any and all references or connection to Town of Newmarkett official events or website and of showing any town logos within 24 hours from my blog post address. I have purposely spelled the town's name wrong so it does not get deemed having been used in any official capacity. Ha.
Designed for / by a youth contest to end graffiti..Will they censor this too?

Q:Does this mean people can't attend town events and post pictures of anything on FB, or blog about it, or reference it if it's a town event?
I don't think so big brother....but you can try. 

I've looked at my blog content at the blogspot location they sent me and saw nothing even remotely connecting myself or TPE to the town in any official capacity nor deemed me trying to connect myself with the town's events in any official capacity nor any other entity as such. I've removed one link essentially promoting them and some event pics now
I once called Town's Arch Mcdonald's-like - No more!

I've been told by a considerable number of business owners and residents, including a number of town councillors, that my unofficial promotions of / for events in the town (not always run by town) should be commended

On occasion a blog opinion doesn't match the town's official position but so what? I'm not an agent of them nor did I ever claim to be, just a resident I'd thought, who grew up here and still happens to give a crap. Blogs are for opinion and sharing things. Period.

Perhaps someone didn't like me posting a picture of the sign they have which is a life sized likeness of the guy in charge of the budget putting coins in a piggy bank  that was sitting inside the town offices, or the street sign that advertises Newmarket's place in the world according to a magazine's opinion - of which I called both wastes of money. Can they legally silence opinion?
When this last farm goes due to council decisions I won't blog about it now

By the way, I volunteered to be on an organizing committee for a recent Town of Newmarket event, as well as I ran a booth at it with free activities and prizes for kids, and there in front of the rest of the dozen or so attending organizing volunteers, I specifically mentioned to a staffer who'd asked us to spread the word of the event that I could blog about it and was encouraged to but apparently the legal department wasn't informed. 

No matter, I could use the publicity as a fledgling blogger getting pressured for perhaps politically motivated reasons should it come to that I guess. Not saying they are, but someone's miffed. Meantime...Time's a wasting!

These things are mentioned and shown because they need to be. Waste is waste and corruption begins with censorship.

Meantime I must get ready for the upcoming Friendly Neighbourhood Youth Road Hockey Challenge upcoming at the Newmarket Community Centre and Riverwalk Commons - but has no DIRECT or indirect CONNECTION TO THE TOWN JUST SO WE'RE CLEAR. Although there was at one time and at that time insisted we use the logo but so we're clear there is  

Remember...24 hours..!(spoken like from the Flintstones ala Rock Hudson!)

End Obesity, reduce poverty and restart After-School Activities through Road Hockey!!

Hey whoda' thunk road hockey could be the medicine to sooth what ails society?
Newmarket Community Centre 20010
I previously established it bonds cultures but now that school activities are limited, obesity has become a national problem, and child poverty has not decreased - what to do?
Especially March break when you can  look through your kitchen window and see/know your kid is safe and active.

That was our idea of "after school programs" when I was a kid growing up in Aurora. In fact we used to use Eaton's catalogues tied to our legs for goalie pads we were so poor. Okay so that didn't happen, but to some it was a reality!

Sometimes we'd play on teams for our street (Dunham vs Sunray anyone!?) or neighbourhood or even town, as I recall a bunch of us walking to Newmarket to play one time. But our neighbourhood (Aurora Heights) had some great players not known to the ice game and we were tough to beat no matter who we played or what age our opponents. 

Our cross town rivals were Regency Acres and we'd pull a net across town for it and even George St used to field a good team but we rarely, if ever, lost. One kid as I recall was an amazing road hockey player, the best of us all, and when I asked why he never played ice hockey he'd said it was because he couldn't skate. I'd seen him skate though and thought he wasn't all that bad but had left it at that back then. Years later I now realize he likely couldn't afford to play. His talent would be wasted.

The same guy led our mish-mash neighbourhood team to the local Aurora Community Centre held road hockey tourney where we soundly thrashed the ice league all star team in the finals, a testament to the fact that we could all compete against these so called "all-stars". I remember feeling empowered that day. Confident. Whereas the 'allstars" team had always portrayed an air of smug superiority to the rest of us in their dapper purple team jackets, on this day, it was they who looked away!

Want to relive any of those glory days ? Or come out and watch or play some pick up shinny? Organize a team even or egads challenge another to form and play? 
Your participation level is up to you!
Newmarket Mitsubishi Friendly Neighbourhood Youth Road hockey Challenge
                             Date: Sat March 16 2013 –       Contact: TPE@ 289-221-0928
                      Location: Newmarket           Community Centre parking lot / Riverwalk   Commons  220 Duncan St
                                  Time: 10:30 am – 5 pm

          Knock out obesity, reduce poverty, restart after-school activities.....through road hockey!?
                                March break & after school activities combine during the Annual (Newmarket Mitsubishi) Friendly Neighbourhood Youth Road hockey Challenge held this year Sat March 16 2013 at Newmarket's Community Centre and Riverwalk Commons (½ block from Main St) and organized in cooperation with the Poverty Action for Change Coalition ( P.A.C.C.) and TPE Productions.

                                Youths up to 18 years can play in the tourney portion from 10:30 am to 5pm and are encouraged to form their own street, school, company or club teams while pick up games for any age will also be held all day as well. The event affords all kids (and some adults!) an opportunity to play friendlies together on a level playing field and boosts confidence and pride. Players and teams are encouraged to hold street and neighbourhood games the week of March break. Challenge someone and you can win an award!
                               Open stage entertainment will be inside the Community Centre and feature    York Region Hip Hop sensations Khryme Syndicate!

                                  Playing is free and you may enter a team or come as you are!
                                   Free hot chocolate and nourishment provided tourney players with hot          food also available to the public.
                  Pre-register by emailing your team name and contact info to  or Registration is Sat Mar 16 by 10 AM.
                         for more or call 289-221-0928.