Youth Mural Art Contest - July 1st Newmarket

 There is still room for entries to the Youth Mural Art Canada Day contest at Main St Newmarket!

As we do our last minute scurrying to get everything ready it looks like the 2012 Youth Mural Art Contest being held July 1st at 37 Main S South in Newmarket, Myers Costumes on Main, is shaping up!

The event wouldn't have happened if not for sponsors such as Home Depot who is covering the painting supplies, as well as Covernotes on Main who is sponsoring a couple gift certificate prizes as

is Touching Soles Travelling Spa, and Myers Costumes is feeding the volunteer performers while TPE Productions provided the network marketing and on site strategics.Covernotes also supplies the farmer's market with fresh coffee & tea as seen in above video.

What we plan to do is allow youths to paint a large square on the wall as representative of what they could do on a full wall. Entries online or on canvass or other form can also be submitted up until July 1st. Your entry will be photographed and whited over until another entry. Each entry will be judged.
11 year old William Oliver is already an accomplished Artist, having won several competitions previously.

11 year old William Oliver, already an accomplished artist and provincially ranked martial artist at the ripe old age, has entered two pieces for the contest. One depicts the general theme the (Myers) store manager has communicated she'd like to see, depicting old Newmarket and modern day, with the Artist choosing an abstract-like technique.

 The second entry, William felt strongly that since it's a costume house wall, then Stonehenge which has spooky elements to its "image" to begin with and emanates from Oliver's piece, might be considered as well!

Young William is unable to attend July 1st which is why he's submitting early, but you can view his work on location at Myers Costumes on July 1st or view some fabulous on site youth artwork that day and see all the designs that form while listening to some live, youthful, entertainment and enjoying some BBQ!

Good Luck William and everyone!

What's Happening in Live Entertainment Around Newmarket

Before summer even kicks in there are already some hotspots happening locally with Live Entertainment! There are some cool live events upcoming in town aside from the traditional July 1 celebration's that the Towns of Aurora and Newmarket both host...and of course the beer gardens and entertainment!

Get Tom's Top 10 Guide Listing Here for Dining & Entertainment!

Speaking of which Villa Risi Ristorante has live Rythym & Blues, Jazz and Classic Rock in the Piano lounge, Friday and Saturday Nights. Cool.

Big Chris BBQ 17380 Yonge St 905-836-5299
Tom Bits: B.C.BBQ Newmarket was formerly known as Orleans Restaurant and "Chris" was an original owner. Beautifully renovated historical, brick house. Newmarket's roadhouse style franchise restaurant and bar still features live classic rock bands & now succulent smoke house chicken & ribs. Tuesday's Open Mic Jam Night is the GTA's Best!
Upcoming...For the younger set and some older rockers too, don't forget watch for Battle Of The Bands, known as the North Town Music and Art Wars coming soon to a hall near you? 
                    Any of you musicians out there should know about the Arts sales

You know...I like that new Riverwalk Commons as a potential location to host bigger gigs..hmm..anyone for David Wilcox?

TP Out!

TPE Breaking News Newmarket Tree Falls

In More Breaking News, a large part of a tree broke off apparently in the aftermath of a freak wind storm that lasted all of 10 seconds. Wind swirled tornado-like for this short spell during which time tremendous gusts accompanied by darkening skies had people scurrying for cover, but it passed. The tree fell a day later, likely weakened by this otherwise unreported wind burst. TPE News.

Live American Bandstand Night! 60's, 70's, 80's Entertainment Sat June 23 Newmarket

Live Entertainment Featuring "The Dan &Murray Acoustical Experiment"
  Yippee Kayay! A week to go until the TPE Productions next 30plus bash June 23 at Deli House Catering Hall in Newmarket. As with any event, the usual gamut of whatever can go wrong will go wrong syndrome otherwise known as Murphy's law applied. With about a week and a few days to go I was cruising along thinking everything was fine. Then the band tells me they thought I meant Sat the 22nd not Sat the 23rd. I'm being a little sarcastic, actually what happened was when I booked the band -The Dan & Murray Acoustical Experiment, a new band to the area and to each other really as a band but seasoned performers - I initially put the 22nd in the email heading but mentioned Sat in the body if he read that part and then a few days later i sent another to clarify that it the Sat was actually the 23 which suddenly became an issue. Suddenly I had no band with a week and a few to go. Gulp.
Another TPE Event June 23
    A number of thoughts go through your head when something like this happens..firstly getting another on short notice would be tough and secondly would they be as good. I don't just like to host entertainment for its sake no more than do I believe in being in a relationship for the sake of being in one...ooops off topic..back now. ha. Now, I was thinking, need be, I could move the event to a location with a band already there or perhaps get a DJ and do some Elvis in between to keep the live aspect of the promise or...egads not cancel it!!

   But no, thank goodness in the end everything worked out with the band coming and good for that too because I truly do love good entertainment and these guys deliver. From The Beatles, Stones, to Van Halen, and The Eagles, Stevie Miller even The Cars! Time after time these guys have you going,

   "Hey! I remember that song!"

  And smiling, and singing along at times. Should be a good one!


Youth Mural & Graffiti Artists Wanted!

Meyer's Costumes on Main (Newmarket) to host youth wall mural / Graffiti Art Contest!
    Promotions and art run in my family a bit I think. When I was a kid, my mom worked part-time at Renz Dry Cleaners in the late 60's / 70's and from there had volunteered to design the floats representing the Aurora Shopping Centre where the store was located, for the town's annual July 1st and Santa Claus parades. Her repeatedly award winning designs drew the attention of the plaza owners who created a part-time position for her as the Centre's 1st Promotions Coordinator. Mom, or Mabel as she was known to everyone had a skill with art, having taught classes in our home when I was really young and later in a the tiny room inside the Aurora Community Centre. I'd attend on occasion but never really had much of a flair - except for cartooning of course! Mom would teach perspective I remember or is it prospective? I don't know, as I said I didn't pay very good attention at about 5 or 6 years of age to horizons, worm views, and other terms.  She'd always lose me at birds eye view for some reason. Ha. Thinking back, my sisters attended too, often even, if dad was working or no sibling of age could babysit. Mom treated us all like regular students though and then transferred this skill of putting to paper creative plans and ideas into fruition - whether that be a painting, a float for a parade, an ad for the newspaper, or a promotion of some sort my mom just seem to have a knack. She was tough when she had to be too, firing me her own son whom she'd hired to be Santa for the Metropolitan store, the towns largest department store then because someone said I wasn't Jolly enough! Ho! Ho! Ha! She then hired my friend.

  When " The Met" was built, the L shaped Aurora Shopping Centre already existed as an outdoor merchants plaza. The new department store was to be built in the far corner from the existing plaza while sharing a common middle parking area which cemented the "bond" as a plaza. The Met was like the equivalent to a box store today you could say and, likely to stifle any negative publicity surrounding them taking this prominent location and a chunk of the plaza parking, they held an art contest on the fence walls surrounding the construction. Youths were asked to submit a plan for their "spot" I believe and allotted a place on the fence in which to do their art where two of my sisters gained entry, and which I believe my sisters Liz, now a designer of ads for major newspapers, won or placed and I believe won some money. If I recall, Liz posted a Jesus looking skyward and Gail's design looked like a man or a hobo clown peeking into a peep hole to the construction area and both won something. Ha! Although as reported in the old July 1971 edition of the old Era-Banner, Gail tied for 3rd and won the lofty sum of $10, Liz, who won $5 was always the best artist of us kids I think, except maybe Craig the youngest but it would be hard to compare her full basement wall Beatles drawings to Craigy's Star Wars-like art, which he too won at the Aurora Art Show with one year, and recently designed / launched a video game.
Mom Mabel and two sisters Gail and Liz who's artwork made it onto an art contest construction fence back in 1971. They still look the same.
  My other Sister Gail whose design had also gained entry to the wall contest became a Publisher with Mclean Hunter Publishing ( now Rogers publishing) having risen from sales through to Editor of Art Impressions Magazine, as well was the longtime Publisher for Canadian Interior Design Magazine, taking it from an obscure publication to a respected and valuable ( Mcleans sold it) asset along with her now husband Pete and some other dedicated employees. The two of them and another long time employee at Mcleans then went on to take over independent ownership and publishing rights to Art Impressions. Even my other, other sister Karen became involved in the creative side through her flair for photography becoming a portraits photographer.

  My daughter Brittany, with a little creative guidance from myself and  Artist Fred Joly who provided the cartoonizing mechanism that turned our " Grapes" (actually me impressioning Don Cherry) into an " Uncle Sam Wants You!-Like figure for the poster designed to "recruit" players for a tourney! I've had a lot of people old and young alike comment about the poster and it was very effective with the event filling up with entries in record time this year!
Daughter Brit has talent too
  Mom would go on to sell (and design her own) ads to local Newmarket, Aurora and area merchants for a number of publications including " The Topic" and " Bradford Witness" publications. Eventually mom caught the eye of Peter Miller who was the owner operator of all the Macdonald's Restaurants in the area at the time and who created a position to hire her on full time as the Promotions Director for all 4 of his stores! When mom's dad died Mr. Miller paid her flight home and gave her a month off with pay. Mom would later sit on the Aurora Chamber of Commerce Board o f Directors for many years. She even named Newmarket's " Quaker Hill Market Place" in a contest to name it which stands today - although she entered in my embarrassed dad's name and he is in the newspaper pic accepting the winning $250 cheque back then! Ha, poor dad.

  Why is any of this relevant? Well we're going to help launch a youth mural art contest July 1st open to youth entries only and it brought back all these memories of that fence surrounding Metropolitan and how proud I'd been to go by and see my sisters' artwork there every time I went by it and of my Mom and how amazing she was back then to be able to use her art and make a mountain out of a molehill and a career from nothing.Oh yea sorry, same thing! Ha!
Meyers Costume's wall now clear of graffiti below as ordered by town with top part next to be done. A Mural Art Contest with a resulting full wall mural hopes to end repeated 'tagging" costs to the long time store owner.
     Myer's Costumes on Main's owner, whose wall is to be the mural and who tells me they've been there for 80 years as Newmarket's oldest (family owned?) business, remembers Mabel from over the years - and I myself remember her from riding my bike there as a kid all the way from Aurora, as back then Myer's was the best place around for candy not costumes...and she'd give you a deal too, with everything from Black Cat gum, to wax lips, to black balls and it appears she may need our help now.

  The business (and home) has been deluged with graffiti from some "kids" likely, who don't realize that they are intruding not only on an elderly woman's business, but her bread and butter too, as well as potentially her staff's and in turn their families. This, coupled with times as they are, such as town bylaws allowing for temporary use of nearby vacant stores and parking lot type trailer sales of Halloween goods during her busiest season, makes it tough for them right now including having to clean up all the wall graffiti as ordered by the town which her manager was able to do mostly and how long will it last tag free?.

Producing a "cool" piece on that wall will lend itself to being left at peace whilst adding enhancement to the north end of Main St...So we all win!

  In order to assist this longtime local independent business woman who's energy levels may be low but not out - and perhaps the youth and even to some town folk who may not see a need for youth having a place to show creative "art" via mural or graffiti-art-like displays - we need to nurture an idea that embraces a solution. As brazen an act as the graffiti was to this victims business, I think by including youth via a contest that allows for a mural art event held on the Main St locations wall, along with some music and hot dogs for sale to the public to raise funds for some worthy causes including a winner's prize, makes for a good day...and society! The winning artist can then lead the design for the final full wall mural which will become the final wall adornment with their signature!
This old now unused bridge has been a hangout for youths at least since I was a kid!
  Some people know that I have for some time advocated for such a spot for youth to be able to showcase some of this special talent - mentioning the unused old bridge that youth have claimed as their own since I was a kid (and sneaking beers and cigarettes on top and under it from time to time. Sorry mom!) and later on generations got into graffiti-ing and..well some still drink probably beer or smoke on occasion at 4am there when no parent will have them I'm sure! At any rate I'd thought this old bridge a good spot for the youth to be able to "art" up, and still do, but right now Meyers Costumes one of Newmarket's oldest businesses and which misses out on most any spill-over business from Main St events being so removed from the south end, needs our help!

  So what happened to me you ask? Good question! But hey! I did win a contest this year which was a Canada-wide one minute ad contest put on to depict the growing gap in Canada which I entered for P.A.C.C and it won the group $2,000 as voted online as the best. P.A.C.C. then used the funds towards their youth road hockey event. So Yea, maybe we have some promo smarts in this family, but alas, we still need you all to come out and BE AN ARTIST or Donate a Prize or supplies or buy a hot dog, hamburg, bring some music or sound equipment or be a guest dj, jammer, or man a BBQ spot to help pull this off with panache on July 1st - Canada Day!

Make this the stop YOUTH make on Canada Day!@

  Visit the website for entry or media release for more information!

Water-main Break Davis Drive Newmarket

TPE Newmarket Breaking News

Davis Drive Water-main Break Video
Although a neat afternoon spectacle, this wildly gushing water-main break proved a mere inconvenience to services in area facilities, including the hospital.

Water gushing all over Davis Drive on Main Street Newmarket
Canadian artist and songwriter Fred Joly caught this newsworthy event on video and may prove to be correct in saying "This is what happens when you dial before you dig!", but admittedly mistakenly identified the errant excavator as being "a tractor".

Southlake Hospital Water-main Break on Davis Drive in Newmarket

Seems like the Era-Banner picked up the story here also

Water spills onto Davis Drive in Newmarket

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Press News Release: Youth Mural Art Contest

Myers Costumes on Main wall

For Immediate Release – Thursday June 14 2012
Event: Youth Mural Art Contest
Location: Myers on Main Costumes – 37 Main St S Newmarket
Date: July 1st Time: 11AM – 6PM
Media call: 289-221-0928

July 17 2012 PRLog Internet Press Release & Distribution :

Calling all aspiring Youth Mural Artists!

  Are you an aspiring mural artist interested in painting on a large (11ft x 40 ft)Main St. store wall?
Are you a youth with crafts or art to display, make on site or sell, musician?

Contest: We’re looking for youthful artists (or teams of artists) up to 27 years of age to come out and paint your interpretation of Newmarket, old or new OR an example of your work, using any style preferred, inside one of several large frames to be painted on the wall of Myers Costumes on Main store on July 1st Canada Day. Your submission can be, but does not have to be, a mini version of what your full mural piece would look like. Paint is supplied for on-site participants only. Each wall piece will then be examined by a judging panel of Newmarket residents and councilors who will choose one winning entry.
Myers Costumes on Main St in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
  The winning person (if a team would choose a Director) will then get to design the final full wall mural to be placed on at a later 2012 date. Participants who cannot make it out July 1st can still submit an entry for consideration (online or for display on site at Myers) to be considered the final full wall mural.

Submissions can be made by any youth for consideration as the full mural piece and can be forwarded to be displayed online until a decision is made this fall. From the submissions one design will be chosen for the final wall mural or if the judges decide possibly several side by side, with final choices determined by the judging panel.
   The final mural to depict Newmarket old and or new will cover the entire north wall of the costume house at a later date and have the distinction of being one of Newmarket’s first mural artists! Entries may opt for one theme - such as heritage - however final wall will include all the elements thus a side by side another artist option would have to be chosen by the judges. Artists can opt to enter side by side versions (up to 3) as their entry as well. Prizes TBA.

  Myers will be co-hosting a B.B.Q. as well on site JULY 1 to feed participants and dish out to the public as well as music including an ongoing "Open Stage" Live Entertainment with all b.b.q. funds raised going towards a worthy cause and a prize to be given the winning wall art entry upon final reveal.

   You(th) interested? Register online at
  Increase your chance of securing a spot by sending and posting your renditions of what your wall mural    may look like too!

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