Just For Laughs Solo Shows - TV Taping

Comedy and I go way back, even further than the hospitality / crafts industry. I recall as a kid watching old comics like Bob Hope, Abbott & Costello, and Lucille Ball with my mom and of course kids shows including - dare I say it - Fat Albert with Cosby doing the voices. But it was George Carlin who first drew my attention to stand-up, with his record that contained the 10 words you couldn't use on television. Too young to partake, it was invigorating when I did.

How dare someone say these things? But when they were funny it was alright to say them. Laughing was like therapy, and by extension, becoming a "class clown" on occasion, a signature even today, my original online content and TPE internet shows often using comedy to deliver the message.

Make People Happy

Now, despite all the movies, tv sitcoms and online opportunities these days for content, it's often hard to find fresh, daring material, particularly with the sensitive nature of today's society, so it's nice when we discover gems that do the genre justice such as the Just For Laughs folks, also infamous due the the growing spotlight on the 4 years young JFLs Festival #JFLF42 which sports the tagline of  simply"Make People Happy".

Toronto Just For Laughs Festival Sept 21 - 30 - 2017

Passes and Tickets available here #JFLF42 

In addition 42 different acts performing in the 2017 JFL Festival there are also headliners like Bill Burr, John Mulaney, Tom Segura, Mike Birbiglia, My Favorite Murder, Tim & Eric and Ali Wong for who they've had to add another night at the Sony Performance Centre due to 3 sold out shows, so you'd need act fast to in on that.

Just For Laughs I'd say cut its teeth and got it's branding power by presenting live stand-up comedy on tv though, reminiscent of that forgotten raw era of simply a comedian and a microphone for the most part, with JFL showcasing the funniest bits, while also engaging some of the talent, to infuse quippy, back-stage banter-like exchanges reminiscent of a style I myself once used on Out & About when interviewing comedians like Derek Edwards, Mike Bullard, Heidi Foss and Christopher Hawes backstage before going on. It's also re-mindful of comedy workshops with the seasoned pro's I'd attended years ago and participating in the then Canada's Funniest New Comic - losing to Jeremy Hotz as I recall at the time - before Just For Laughs was born! Ha. memory lane...

I Knew Her When...!

However as good as the Just For Laughs forum has been for showcasing new and established talent, what viewers may not know is that the television versions have to be edited for time logistics reasons and very possibly sometimes, because the material is to risque for tv, and often the very gem performance clips you don't want to miss!

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Ever wanted to be part of a comedy show audience?

Best kept JFJ Secret - Just For laughs Solo Show TV Specials are taping with a live audience in Toronto, Monday, Sept 25, 26, at the 1871 Berkeley Church, located at 315 Queen St East, featuring some of the hottest comedians - upcoming and seasoned - including...(I could tell you who, but I would have to kill you. Lol)...and is sure to be memorable for anyone attending live!

Doors open to the audience at 7:30 pm Monday Sept 25 and 7:00 pm Tuesday Sept 26th 2017.

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TPE Summer Live Entertainment Highlights

Well September finally came it seems, but, alas, summer was a mixed bag this year from a live entertainment and band events stand point with some notables having to be cancelled due to extreme weather. Fortunately, enough of a summer emerged to host an array of outdoor activities in and around the G.T.A. and Ontario and if you looked hard enough, you could also find some great talent.

For me I'd been hoping to see some of the old time / town faves before they / we get to old to appreciate or play anymore. Talent like Montreal born David Wilcox, always a favorite of mine, but who I hadn't seen play live in Eons. Yes that's correct Eons.

At any rate, I caught D.W., Harlequin, Glenn Marais among some over the summer, so here's a sampling of what TPE didn't miss in the summer of 2017.

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Thursday Nights Joe Delima hosts a rock jam at Scarborough Ontario's The Birchmount Bar & Grill

David Wilcox rockin in Aurora, Ontario

Harlequin hits the stage in Aurora, Ontario 

Glenn Marrais Band hits stage at Newmarket Music Festival