Bonnie & Clyde Craft Services Cater Stolen Palates

When a P.A. job that was craft service heavy uncovered a talent for fresher snacks and baked goods, on-set actor, Tom Pearson, took notice, and reacting to the obvious positive responses to the array of prepared foods that were made being received while witnessing on hands the difference it made in moral to cast and crew, who are often served up uninspired dished fraught with mediocrity, he decided to team up with said food wizzardess ( Shelley Nadeau)  and formed Bonnie & Clyde Craft Services and Catering. TP, having spent years in hospitality and catering and who pens Tom's Top 10 lists among other industry related media he produces, thought it a great idea to take that home-style food and cater to the film industry only, knowing how they work and that small nuances that go with that like...."Quiet on the set!

Bonnie's famous deelish Butter Chicken
Although flavour and heartiness are # 1 to cover for Bonnie & Clyde, they are also keenly aware of the need for healthier dishes and sides, and so you can always expect a rounded out " square meal" with some healthy attachments.

B&C prefers to prepare at their own choice from their selection, basing choices to keep it varied and adjusting on the fly to meet expectations to give the best service and freshest offerings. This method not only saves the client time from deciding which sides on which day and allows the pros to add what they believe goes with each dish and with a variety to please both health conscious and taste/ hearty conscious cast and crew members. Just like you trust the Director in their job to capture the right shot, B&C too asks you trust they will too. The method saves costs and allows for freshest fair and a better value to the customer.
roasted beet salad

The bottom line is people like the food and its delivered and kept hot or cold until consumed, a service B&C prides themselves in.

We want to give the best service possible and know that productions don't need any more noise or distractions. By delivering on that with great tasting hearty food, Bonnie & Clyde is stealing palates!

Call or Text @ 289-221-0928 - 1st Time Bookings Receive $2 Off Per Head!

Customer choices;
Mmmm mamas Pulled pork

Standard Menu Mix Our choice   @ $17 head - 
                                  Your Choice  @ $19 head
Standard +                                      @ $23

Star Standard                                 @ $35 head

On the Healhier Side                     @ $23 head

Wrap -Party Bash  - Standard Wrap Bash - $35 - includes entertainment or DJ
                              - Total Wrap Party - $50 head includes entertainment / DJ / Servers/ food

Note: All menus offer vegan/vegetarian options for individuals. Should an individual have 2 or more food type conditions, they are charged the Star Standard rate in its place.

1st Time booking Receive $2 Off Per Person

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