Newmarket Laser Tag Play

Laser Play is fun..Lasering is great! Hit me with your laser beam! Lasers you can trust! Non- lethal lasers! Laser like reflexes! They all happen in a lasertopia!

Laser, lazer, lazar, Lasar, I've seen them all spelled, but with Newmarket's newest addition to entertainment, Laser Play Inc located at the corner of Leslie St and Ringwell in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, boasting 6000 square feet area of laser tag fun to frolick through as well as a cool hang lounge, I think I found activentertainment heaven! Or Funtertainment! Laserlicious?!

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Scope out holding your Birthday Party, Jack & Jill or Event there with sick tunes piped through the sound system while playing some interactive video, before you go have a go at your "up to 30 friends" who dared challenge you inside the lair of the laser- tag cave! Hey man, it's my laser tag fantasy! Lol.

The entertainment and laser tag centre, conveniently located below InPlay, also plans to host a restaurant / bar in the future for relaxing or corporate meetings after getting annihilated by lasers, but meantime you can just have a blast!
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