Stellar Hall Now Rocks Newmarket!

It was almost a year ago when Deli House owner Johnny Cutroni and I were sitting around discussing ways to better utilize the beautiful Deli House Catering's Hall. Having been a caterer out mostly for many of the 1st 17 years in business, D.H.C. had been more accustomed to people holding events and them catering staff and food but now has a hosting facility, and as I reminded owner Johnny at that time, one with a history as well.
One of DHC Hall's 1st live band events
Located above the long-time operating Stellar Lanes bowling alley on Stellar Lane in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada I remember Deli House Catering's Hall as the old "Spotlight" nightclub and other similar attempts at clubs, and then someone informed me that years ago it was the spot in the area for "big name" entertainment of its time, I think we're talking the 50's or 60's, at any rate it was built for and with excellent acoustics for live acts which lends itself to today's model, in addition to the rich entertainment history it shares.

I relayed this to Johnny and we discussed how to make it so. Firstly I'd said we have to let the right circles know. In addition to the search engine adjustments we would make for those searching for facilities, we would go right to some of them and let them know we exist. Egads, maybe even use the phone!

First stop was a nearby jam spot called - The JAM SPOT! - Ha, and to connect with owner operator Max. Max's JAM SPOT location has an excellent in-house soundproofed rooms facility with snack bar capability and is the spot for numerous bands, local and not, to hone their stuff. Max's facility also is a good size for hosting C.D. release party's, recording and such as well, but for an occasion perhaps needing more room and access to a full in-house bar, catering facilities and staffing availability D.H.C. Hall makes sense.

After that we made sure to inform several on-line groups related to bands and entertainment, post some events and the make the availability of such an exception local hall known to the area artists and promoters.
DHC Hall for bookings or NY's tickets call TP at 289-221-0928
TPE hosted some live nights such as American Bandstand Night and also another kickback to the and 70's / 80's billed as "Rockin Deli Nights" a sort of a kick back to an area club called the Rockin Deli which had been an area icon for many a year back in the day and known for it's live entertainment. We used a couple of bands that we got recommended through Max as a show of faith that we meant business about getting acts going here and that it was a venue worth utilizing when the Jamspot or a bar wasn't the right fit. Here you even have an option to license the liquor yourselves so if you optimize that you can ensure a payback - especially if you're fairly sure you have a certain number of attendees coming that drink! And speaking of which we needed to get some younger blood into the mix to optimize the hall's potential.

The first promoter I brought in was a guy who had a good reputation for having good quality entertainment with attending younger guests that showed a little respect for the facilities hosting. That's a way of putting it. Ha.The last thing we wanted in there was a bunch of yahoos ripping up the joint and this was precisely why Josh was brought onto the scene - having a track record of some well executed events.

Eventually we met his associates and liked what we heard and what they could additionally do in terms of experience with the technical aspects from sound to lighting as well as security and now look forward to the
Shows coming this Dec 15 featuring an ALL AGES event from 5:30 - 9:00 pm featuring AMBER CHANGING reunion with Brandon Barraclough, Throne of Death, Ten Cent Pistol,  Quaker, & Kelsii Smirlies only $10 bucks! 
Followed by (starts at 10pm) 19 Plus Show with The Salads returning to their roots for their 1st show in York Region in 3 years with Everglo, Paper Fortunes, and The Expos Folk an acoustical addition to the show's repertoire.Tickets are $15.
Dan & Murray Acoustical Experiment at the Rockin' Deli Night
On Dec 7 D.H.C. Hall AKA Stellar Hall is also the location for the "Southlake Rock Fest" including performances from Crooked Zebras, Stephanie Greg Band and Four Hour Window w their C.D. release. Tickets $15.
Proceeds to Southlake Hospital.
 New Year's Eve D.H.C. has the Highway 11 Cruisers hosting a (public welcome) party with a Buffet Dinner, DJ, Live Ent, Dancing, Midnight Buffet, Mini-Casino - raffle, Texas Mickey - 2014 - $65 per, $25 without dinner.
FUTURE - Look for some innovative and exciting entertainment to be phased in next such as dinner shows/comedy. One idea we're looking to resurrect is a"Tiny Talent Time"-like show that would feature kids as the talent! Shown in a variety show-like format it would allow local kids to showcase their talent in for family, friends and an audience in a real setting. The idea kicking around is to allow the kids booked to be in the show eat free, all others would order from menu choices. Done right this should work in this market. And its an exciting, innovative way to get kids much needed (to hone their talent) stage time!

So come check out any of these upcoming events if you want to be able to see some great talent and enjoy great hospitality in a phenomenal atmosphere or come talk to us about putting on an show and we'll work with you!


TP Out!

Shoots, Scores Debuts at Quest for Youth 2012

I'm drained physically, and to be honest a little emotionally having just gotten through the Quest for Youth 2012. I'm also a little frustrated. Not that way! Keep your minds out of the gutter!

TP brought in Author David L Rogers to the live show
"Coming out of the shadows" sub theme
 Firstly I endured countless hours on it (this Quest For Youth), not so much on the life-like 'maze" workshop I assisted on as Street Outreach's Chaundra and YRDB's Scott did most of the work there, but having written and directed the video portion of the performance piece - and I can overlook not getting any verbal mention or stage accolades even though I brought in 75% of the youth and performers that were used in the show and then spent hours shooting, directing, re-shooting, even acting myself while operating the camera, doing voice-over, working with mostly completely 'green" actors to make them credible and a last 12 hour straight editing session (this is a very time consuming to clip scenes to just the right position and audio) all to ensure we got it all done

 - only to have the "professional" audio/video guy (not from Rogers) bring up the wrong clip to start it off with. Talk about a " Doh!" Moment!
TP introduced art phenom William to the Quest for Youth

I immediately jumped into action when it became apparent they'd started the wrong clip but after traveling half-way across a big hall, the usual array of blank scared-live-to-air faces looked back at me when I told them they were starting with the wrong one, so I sought out the production truck.

Every live production of size will have a production truck, you just have to look for it. As it happens I know someone there (at Rogers) and so all is well I suppose since we can get it right before it airs on Rogers TV via editing. Location Director Dan was good about it and as well I had a good chat with Rogers Executive Producer, David Blackwell, who I remember from when I produced and hosted a show for Rogers some years back called "Out & About".

It pre-dated the current models of "York Region Living" etc but had a more humour and skitsy- like on- location presentation, such as one time we spoofed Rocky with me training for a "chicken wing eating contest" which was a real event being held for a charity at a local eatery and we pre-taped me as "Jockey" training, then live-to-tape eating wings and fighting a giant chicken on location, all to the theme of Rocky. Ha.

I had labelled them 1 through 5. How do you screw that up?!
Thank goodness for Rogers TV as we can fix it before it airs!

Tom & Principal Actor Mark as "Billy" in Shoots, Scores
Anyway today was supposed to be my Rocky day, they were debuting my film. Not just me either. I'm still pissed about it ( although mellowing by the minute) because not only did I spend time on it but there were a lot of other people involved and in the production who also had expectations of seeing a complete production. The guy who did editing with me, K.G. Campbell, was up with me until 5 am working it to make sure we had it, only to see the opening scene left out, so he deserves the respect of the production completely shown as well. But I certainly don't regret the experience and got to do some good work with and meet some good people. And despite the missing scene many didn't seem to realize it or were still complimentary about it.

I may not have been up at the curtain call, but I certainly was more than an onlooker and will try to protect the integrity of the participants in this film, and to that end will endeavour to make sure the full production reaches the screens so everyone can go home happy - and I can finally rest. As a Film-maker you stress about these types of things because when people do see your work, you want them to love it or hate it based on what you did and were satisfied attaching your name to.

Tom Pearson

Shoots, Scores-onset with TP in the Quest for Youth

Protege Mark "Billy" and Writer/ Director TP

Some people may already know I've been working on a short teleplay as part of Quest for Youth 2012. It's certainly no where near the biggest budget film I've been a part of - like " Hansel & Gretel" with Taylor Mumsen and Howie Mandel or ' Miracle Dogs' with Kate Jackson, but it is I dare say my best and most important to date. I call it Shoots, Scores. It could be the story of many a young person, told mostly through a teen boys eyes growing up in then 60's/70's and jumps us up to the present.

I believe I have captured on video, albeit low budget, the story I hoped to recreate and along with it some surprise footage that will add an extra "oomph"  - something every film needs to be deemed successful - whether 1 minute or 10 minutes or 2 hours. Something so that they leave the theatre going wow that was good! I'm hoping the piece brings people up and down and up again and leave them feeling good but with a message, many of which are scattered through the brilliantly written screenplay (I wrote it ha!). I must say it has been quite the experience and still is with still one scene to shoot and voice-over to capture as I stagger toward the editing line.
Actor Jason goofs around onset with a wig by Myers Costumes

I have until Wed to have a final version and they expect something by Monday. Meantime I've been juggling people, schedules, and my own to accommodate everything from Principals (not the actors) who have to have us off school property by 5pm, and kid actors who cant get there until 4, and others who can't until after 5, and parents, and those who can't make it and...!

On a production like this you also run into a hierarchy conflict with myself having the Tv and Film production experience and the live show's producer being from theatre. We film guys get certain shots for a reason and with a skeleton budget and working with volunteers, I don't have time to waste. Now he does want it to fit into the whole scheme of things of the whole live production of Quest For Youth which I do respect, and to keep within the them given that being marginaliztion and coming out from the shadows. But in the end this has to be able to stand alone as a film and one you don't mind putting your name to and to that end I believe it will be!

Today I shot some 'b" roll - cut off shots - of road hockey playing - just some tie ups to make it all look real in the end. Oh..did i tell you the kid playing main character has never played any hockey or road hockey for that matter,,so,,my work is cut out in editing! Lucky for me a fellow also playing a role(s) in the production now, Keith, has offered to come on-board to ensure we get this edited right!

This may be the lowest budget film I've worked on but I wouldn't trade being able to write, direct, act, operate camera, and play road hockey all in one project for anything!

Game on!

TP out!

Quest for Youth on track to Perform

Quest for Youth 2012 continues to roll along with its grass-rootsy / youths / community input from education sectors across Ontario continue to be added to the showcase event which is happening this Nov 14 at 1:45 pm at Markham's Renaissance Hotel in front of an audience of up to 900. Gulp. Plus it's live to tape.Double gulp.
Luther Hansraj quet For Youth 2012 performance Producer

I'm lucky in that the portion I'm contributing will be shot on video. I was asked to write something that connects to schools and the community at large involving marginalization at some level so I chose a feature on troubled youths and escapism through road hockey. It's a pretty simplified summary but suffice to say it had to have elements from true to life situations that could be interpreted in a number of ways but always staying true to the core basis of reality through the telling.

Anyway I got a glimpse of my potential 'Billy character", although hes not a lock for the part, but he seems a good kid if not perhaps a tad young for what I had in mind. Throw a 70's wig on him to ruff him up a bit and who knows.Ha.

It's not going to be as easy as these guys think and I'm dealing with people that wouldn't know a master shot from a close-up but we'll get through it...and in the end as long as I get all my shots we're good to go.

I've seen smatterings of the other elements and don't envy Producer Luther having to mix it all together but he's going to have to trust my artistic touch a little more than he has to date, although perhaps he's just trying to instill into me his vision of the "style" he wants - but regardless of the style you still need all the shots. For example he wants some scenes shot out of focus. That's great if you're using a manual focus camera but we may not be. The bells and whistles and special effects with blurring images etc can be added later in post production editing but being a Stage Producer he wouldn't necessarily know that, and therein lies the occasional clash thus far.Ha. Nothing I / we can't handle though because in the end its written artsy already and should fit the scheme they asked for.
Kim will bring a touch of aboriginal to the Youth Quest

I can't wait to see how he meshes all the other elements into it like the dancers and youth singers and aboriginal speakers/drummers and live band but hey, that's out of my concern! Ha..! This will be an interesting show to say the least!.

I was also able to connect youthful phenoms Daniel Mendez Band with the show so look for Luther to utilize them throughout the show.

Here's a short excerpt from "Shoots, Scores

Video continues in Black & White

Ext: Street or driveway 4:30 pm. Billy boy plays hockey with friends.

Audio : V.O. Sports Announcer: ala Foster Hewitt:

Cornouyer shoots the puck in the corner right in front Esposito takes a wild

stab at it! Rebound, right in front Henderson he scores! Henderson has

scored for Canada!

V.O. Crowd:


Billy is jumping around celebrating scoring with friends fading to

celebrating alone. It’s darker out. 6 or 7 pm Streetlights come /are on.


Still jumping:


Slowly makes his way towards home .

Voices can be heard of parents arguing:.

VO: Woman’s Voice:

Go on and have another one! (pause) If it wasn’t for these damp kids I’d

of been gone long ago!

V.O. Father’s voice:

Yea well you go right ahead then! Billy! You get in this house


C.U. of Billy’s face – concerned / troubled look

C.U. Hand on doorknob hesitates, jolts as the word NOW is yelled.

Scene Fades

Tom out!