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Oct 17 is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty as recognized by the United Nations.It is a day designed to draw attention to poverty solutions at home and abroad.

P.A.C.C., Poverty Action for Change Coalition, as well as Make Poverty History York Region, has helped organize an annual event in Newmarket the past 8 years which includes stage and sidewalk entertainer opportunities.
Fred Joly performs his original "Behind His Mask" in 2009

Entertainers and Artists are welcome to display and or perform any piece(s) related to poverty - whether through original artist connection or original works.

Original work depicting poverty related issues is preferred.

Should you be interested to perform on the main stage at Riverwalk Commons ( 200 Duncan Dr Newmarket) and/or as a side-walk performer/artist please let us know. Indoor / outdoor vendor opportunities available as well.

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