Titanic Movie Location a Production's Dream

Location with a view could be any era
I've written before about how Newmarket, and often its Main St., had been utilized a number of times in various movie productions including this short scene from Tommy Boy and most recently the Remake of Carrie as well as Regression with Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson. But close by Newmarket, some even more famous movies have had segments shot here too, and one particular location even had a building paid for and built by the Producers on the property just for the movie - that being the Titantic - and that that building, along with another studio space totaling 20,000 square feet, only minutes from Newmarket and is available for production use and bookings today. 

2016 Image
Catch Me If You Can and Night at the Museum were also shot here with Ben Stiller in the latter using prepared animals owned by then previous property owners who were taxidermists. Some of the scary looking features still adorn the upstairs "lair" of Studio A, including a fighting zebra and lion as seen in the flick, a fierce looking tiger, and polar bear. Click to see photo album highlights.

The gorgeous property studio minutes from Toronto and surrounded by farm fields also features a fully functional five bedroom house and 98 acres of tree lined bush, a natural waterway and complete with cleared vehicle pathways, making way for resilient vehicles to travel through. In fact the area was used for a live launch of Tomb Raider with 50 participants flown in from around the world to play in a live version of the game in the launch followed by a screening at the Studio A projection lounge and no worries about storage of equipment from day to day either as the entire grounds are under 24 hour video surveillance.

Studio B - Built by Producers to accommodate the famous car love scene in the Titanic's parking deck
Located outside the foot of Studio B
You can book this gorgeous historic G.T.A. location whether that be for a production or function - as the Studio B can also easily be converted to host a large wedding, large group reception or live music event. Imagine telling your guests or potential clients you're hosting your production / wedding in the very building the famous fancy car love scene from The Titanic was shot with Leonardo Dicaprio! For those able to afford it, we may even find you a similar car to adorn the studio room turned hall for the night.

Shot Main St Newmarket during the filming of Regression with Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson
Newmarket is in the heart of Hollywood North and convenient to G.T.A. productions with the studio located only 40 minutes from downtown Toronto and minutes from historic downtown Newmarket and Main St.. So this prime studio, house and grounds location offer more than just in-house convenience, but nearby access to time travel scenes as well within a vibrant York Region / GTA community, brimming with acting and production crew talent.

Call TPE @ 289-221-0928 to inquire. Bookings by the day, week or month depending on availability. Studio space booking use without the house also negotiable depending on availability.
Rare Props owned by a taxidermused in Night At The Museum

High Ceiling in house for convenient lighting and unique shot angles

Direct off road drive access to remote spots for shooting scenes

Studio A has 3 sections. Both lower areas have slide up door access.

Beautiful Victorian 5 bedroom Home

Room with a view

The View Part 2

Local Caterers also benefit from local productions and on site cooking access

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