Scary Business at Myers on Main!


Did you know that during the war Myers on Main in Newmarket was the only place for miles to get new candies and such and people working at the Tannery would line up down the block to pay them back on payday? During the war, candies were a treasure and later when the town's only grocery store burnt down they began to offer milk and such and it wasn't uncommon for the Myers' to get a call at one o'clock in the morning for baby's milk or something, and they'd come open the door for the person. This must be how the term "Convenience Store" came about!

Small businesses can't afford temporary set-up stores competing

When candies died out as a reliable single market item and convenience store chains emerged later on, Myers adjusted and began selling costumes and such.

Halloween is usually the next "look forward to" affair in many peoples minds after Thanks-Giving, and to that end Myers on  Main, Newmarkets longest running family owned business, has been taking care of the communities needs for...ever!

It's amazing that some people have seen  Myers for years yet never knew they sold costumes, make-up etc. In recent years they've been plagued by fly-by-night costume houses that open for Halloween after which close up shop and take their money back to the U.S.A. Meantime Myers pays employees year round.

Winning wall design rejected by town Bylaw Officer
It's bad enough Mom & Pop Main St have to compete with the Wallmarts and Targets which threaten the very existence of Main St.'s but to have to deal with businesses allowed to open up during busy season  and then close up while Myers is a town taxpayer year round is outrageous! What other industry allows this? How would the Mayor feel if a Toronto charity came to town to scoop all the donations for it's hospital once a year during the height of our hospital's fundraising season and took it back to Toronto? Oh that's right they are already doing this for a "charity" ice-hockey enterprise.
Toronto business wall

To make matters worse, the struggling Myers Costumes On Main keeps getting graffitied and ordered to pay for removal by an overzealous by-law officer who seems to have a lot of power.
See video!

To try and get around the repeated graffiti tagging & removal at expense to the elderly owner Jenny, Myers' manager Casandrah held a wall mural contest. The town had been enthusiastic about the idea, with Councilor Joe Sponga coming out and assisting the process, but the problems with the  same by-law officer continued dubbbing the winning mural a "sign" and can't be used? Huh? Who is this guy? We are allowing our by-law officers decide what is art and what is appropriate for one's own business?

Yet Graffiti-like sign allowed at town's Youth Centre - What gives?
If town council wants to slough this off on the town's longest running family business go ahead but don't expect Myers Costumes to fold up their tent and leave town like the fly-by-nighters this town allows in. She's survived worse than an egotistical by-law officer and I'm sure will endure much more . In fact they even opened a new, albeit temporary location, in Downtown Bradford for the Months of October / November since that town doesn't have a costume house and no fly-by-nighters as yet, although Walmart is  and they too bulk up on costume stock.
Myers Costumes has all kinds of selections

Who knows? If it does well maybe she'll just leave town and take up shop there. What's one more long time business gone from Main St. Right?

"Buy local" should mean beyond produce and such. As a longtime resident I urge you to support your local Main St...before they all go! 

Tom Pearson