Making Elvis on the road to the Collingwood Festival

                                                                                "Enough Already" Elvis
  A friend asked me the other day how my Elvis transformation was coming along and I really wasn't sure. I've been holing up during "rehearsals" out in the wilderness, well almost, forest trails anyway, and have been repeating the lyrics to my 3 Elvis festival contest songs as I go. 
"Disturbed" Elvis

  I wanted to get the feel of the lyrics first and not be used to checking a karaoke screen to ensure the correct wording because come showtime there is no screen! You fumble then and everyone will know because everyone else knows the words! They are mostly Elvis fans I'm assuming who attend and many will be in the know, so even a small hiccup will likely get noticed. 

  You want to know something more embarrassing than walking into a big field just wailing out Blue suede shoes and for about 20 seconds you think you are alone...and you're not! Nothing! ha! In fact a whole picnicking family heard me I would assume! Doh! I meekly acted as if I were there to take photos of the beautiful spot which I had thought was "my" spot.
"Eyes wide shut" Elvis
   I've been hopping around from thrift shop to thrift shop trying to find the right shoes and maybe a gold jacket that's not going to cost me an arm and a leg. My adviser tells me I 'need" penny loafers, black baggy pants, and perhaps some white dress shoes which he wore! Jeepers! I'm running low on time too! Gulp. Hey, I did find my blue suede shoes though so cool on that!

Close to "Best of" Elvis
  I'm assuming I'll have to do my own makeup for the events and that makes me a little nervous but other than that im fairly ontrack having the lyrics down to about 85% right and now to work on my style to try and match up with Elvis a little better!

Well, my Elvis Adviser Linda heard my first run through to music and gave me a thumbs up, so I'm thinking I'm on track but you never can tell..Thank-you thank-you very much!

Here's a video I did for fun. Although " Hound Dog" is not a song I've chosen I just wanted to have a little fun with it.. when a small dog attacked my stuffed rabbit I couldn't resist!

"Enough Already" Elvis