Newmarket's longest running business


Did you know that during the war Myers on Main in Newmarket was the only place for miles to get new candies and such and people working at the Tannery would line up down the block to pay them back on payday? During the war, candies were a treasure and later when the town's only grocery store burnt down they began to offer milk and such and it wasn't uncommon for the Myers' to get a call at one o'clock in the morning for baby's milk or something, and they'd come open the door for the person. This must be how the term "Convenience Store" came about!

Small businesses can't afford temporary set-up stores competing

When candies died out as a reliable single market item and convenience store chains emerged later on, Myers adjusted and began selling costumes and such.

Halloween is usually the next "look forward to" affair in many peoples minds after Thanks-Giving, and to that end Myers on  Main, Newmarkets longest running family owned business, has been taking care of the communities needs for...ever!

It's amazing that some people have seen  Myers for years yet never knew they sold costumes, make-up etc. In recent years they've been plagued by fly-by-night costume houses that open for Halloween after which close up shop and take their money back to the U.S.A. Meantime Myers pays employees year round.

Winning wall design rejected by town Bylaw Officer
It's bad enough Mom & Pop Main St have to compete with the Wallmarts and Targets which threaten the very existence of Main St.'s but to have to deal with businesses allowed to open up during busy season  and then close up while Myers is a town taxpayer year round is outrageous! What other industry allows this? How would the Mayor feel if a Toronto charity came to town to scoop all the donations for it's hospital once a year during the height of our hospital's fundraising season and took it back to Toronto? Oh that's right they are already doing this for a "charity" ice-hockey enterprise.
Toronto business wall

To make matters worse, the struggling Myers Costumes On Main keeps getting graffitied and ordered to pay for removal by an overzealous by-law officer who seems to have a lot of power.
See video!

To try and get around the repeated graffiti tagging & removal at expense to the elderly owner Jenny, Myers' manager Casandrah held a wall mural contest. The town had been enthusiastic about the idea, with Councilor Joe Sponga coming out and assisting the process, but the problems with the  same by-law officer continued dubbing the winning mural a "sign" and can't be used? Huh? Who is this guy? We are allowing our by-law officers decide what is art and what is appropriate for one's own business?Does he decide? What is the process for decisions?

Yet Graffiti-like sign allowed at town's Youth Centre - What gives?
If town council wants to slough this off on the town's longest running family business go ahead but don't expect Myers Costumes to fold up their tent and leave town like the fly-by-nighters this town allows in. She's survived worse than an egotistical by-law officer and I'm sure will endure much more . In fact they even opened a new, albeit temporary location, in Downtown Bradford for the Months of October / November since that town doesn't have a costume house and no fly-by-nighters as yet, although Walmart is  and they too bulk up on costume stock.
Myers Costumes has all kinds of selections

Who knows? If it does well maybe she'll just leave town and take up shop there. What's one more long time business gone from Main St. Right?

"Buy local" should mean beyond produce and such. As a longtime resident I urge you to support your local Main St...before they all go! 

Tom Pearson

Amber Changing, Everglo, Salads play Stellar Hall

What a great live show put on at the Stellar Hall Saturday!

Sat Dec 15 2012 - The 1st entertainers of the evening were for an all ages show featuring great young talent from acoustical / folksy to borderline punk - a great range - and some really solid acts. The Amber Changing Reunion show was really something and had the room buzzing, with some die-hard love-struck male fans seemingly fawning over the lead vocalist a bit.Wow, this new generational role-reversal thing may be going slightly too far! Ha! We're not worthy! We're not worthy!
Speaking of the room, with the production company supplied back-drop stage framing acting as a sound
Josh right has some Salads and friends!
blanket along with the detailed sound check done, the audio has never been better in "The House". Just a fantastic venue for sound / bands/ theatre.

Using two stages, one smaller suiting the duet acoustical sets, was perfect, almost acting as atmospheric ambiance in between the louder / bigger bands on the main-stage while giving time for instrument switches between acts as well without a lull, or having the audience's attention kept on it whilst the changes occurred. Well done.

The unique evening featured an after 9PM 19+ show as well headlined by THE SALADS who'd returned to Newmarket to play for the 1st time in 3 years and they did not disappoint.

You can tell how comfortable they are onstage, with their cross-stage banter & manner, even if it did seem to at times be devised so they can have quick guzzles of their chosen beverages! Ha.

At any rate, the sparse crowd on a night when freezing rain likely dampened attendance a bit, was treated to an electric, energizing show that almost embraced their in-between banter as a comedy act. The bits are fairly humourous, and I loved the wacky cartoon-like voice the guitarist uses for a 'skit" where he claims to be gay  but perhaps the banter was slightly overused - not than any of the salad heads noticed - as they were too busy soaking up the fun,  bobbing and weaving to the tunes when they did play, which of course they did, and with fervour.

When the red breasted double-neck guitar was broken out & the song announced, you could hear a slight murmur in the room and as he hit the first note recognition leaped into play & the crowd fevered itself to its highest pitch yet!

I really liked their energy and it's obvious they enjoy playing and being onstage which subliminally reigns in the crowd. The lead singer has enough of a rasp to keep it edgy, and the tunes get heavy enough for my liking enough to raise my energy level and solicit a grin - and not from the humour. 
The Salads stood apart from all the other acts on the night with their professionalism and you can tell how at ease they are onstage now with the experience of hundreds of shows under their belt, while their antics and wit paint them as kind of intellectuals but oddballs, an image that works for them! Really good show.

I chatted up a few of the guys at the end of the evening and let them know I was the one who identified and booked their local  promoter Josh who had a reputation of putting on good shows with no problems of patrons destroying the place - Ha and on that I must say, again, I was right! Hey man, hate to toot my own horn but someone has too! 

See you next time!.
TP Out!

Quest for Youth comes to an end

My Quest for Youth came to an end finally with the completion of final audio editing to the piece I entitled, " Shoots, Scores. Shoots, Scores was created with the Quest for Youth's overall themes in minds including mental health, marginalization and "coming out of the shadows" - creating a reach out message to educators to existing programs in the community.

In this case I chose road hockey since it is a real entity started in a mixed income, Mulock Village Newmarket community, in response to a growing need to engage the local youth.The idea started out as a 'challenge" with the community team challenging another to a game of road hockey and we included free hot chocolate and the like.

The following year we had 4 teams entered into the then 2nd Annual Friendly Neighbourhood Youth Road hockey Challenge, but prior a local youth who'd been volunteering in the community and determined to change his former lifestyle was murdered in town outside a local Tim Horton's Donut shop. This kid grew up with a biker leader as a dad, so his efforts to live a changed life needed applauding we felt, and as well the community youth were traumatized by it and received no therapy or counseling. In fact the local papers erroneously stated that the youth, Mike Thornhill, lived in "the patch" at the time of his death which was not true - although his family(mom and him) had previously - thus the kids were even alienated from that connection to a dead neighbour who'd teach the local youths guitar. So we added the Mike Thornhill Friendship Award to be given to the kid most valuable to his or her community and who usually forms the team - showing leadership in doing so.
Artist William Oliver painted live during Quest For Youth live show

The event encourages youths 12 - 18 to form their own Road hockey teams, enter free and they are fed on the day too with a trophy given the winning team in addition to the award nominees received.At any rate the March break ending Saturday event grew and 10 years later it continues to act as an opportunity for kids to play an organized team tourney alongside their peers with community and team pride...and its all still free.

So with this in mind I wrote a script that included a kid from back when I was a kid and when road hockey was everything to kids and then jump it to the present at the end to connect the dots and show how the tradition continues to build esteem and friendships and now even language / culture barriers for newcomer kids to Canada and as a way to learn about (and ultimately love)the national game of hockey.
"Billy" in Shoots, Scores
I took situations from real life experiences, including my own and others', to ensure an authentic storyline, and combined them to tell it in such a way as to leave it somewhat open to interpretation. For example there is a hospital scene but I don't explain could be from mental health or an overdose or maybe he was busted?...the storyline leads you there but leaves a gap of time where the viewer is forced to use conjecture.

It was sophisticated audience so I was trying to tailor something that included this forcing possible choices from their own experiences with students to become their subconscious conjectured reason. They were literally educators attending the Quest for Youth 3 day forum - so to perhaps think of a particular student or situation where the student appeared uncaring or unresponsive or "changed" from good student to bad was a goal. The hope is/was to have teachers care enough to look for possible underlying issues and then reach out somehow - and in cases where income may be part of an issue and transportation a community "program" like the road hockey tourney fits in as it encourages teams to practice etc leading up to it as well all the while they are active and learning life coping skills..just don't know it!

Filming - or technically video taping - Shoots, Scores was a unique experience. I had to act as Writer, Locations Manager, D.O.P., Camera Operator, Director, Actor, Co-Editor, Voice-over - including both a man and woman arguing!) and lighting even! Oh and had to pull it all together with actors, locations etc in 2 weeks!

My first script was very good I thought, but off topic a bit, and then it was suggested I include the annual road hockey event and away it went. I wrote it in one night. It's not great, but it's good and I took particular care in making sure the actors came off o.k., as none really had experience on camera - and some no acting experience at all!

Several of the young actors chosen actually have afflictions that can sometimes lead to marginalization, and later in life sometimes to despair or even homelessness, and I encompassed this by having a real life experiences poet, David Rogers Author of The Dark Road a book of poetry, read his poem Lessons Learned, at mid point of the movie. For Quest purposes David read it live onstage. but I've captured a reading by him on video too.
Author Dave Rogers rehearses reading for Quest Producer
Those afflictions for some of the kids I worked with on Shoots, Scores had included A.D.D., Aspergers Syndrome, one a multitude of mental health ailments and others no "issues" at all, but I took it as a personal challenge to ensure you can't tell who's who and think I pulled it off. Or rather they did. The kids didn't need any prodding just direction and trust and then their talent took over! And just like the road hockey event they "played" side by side with everyone / peers with no special labels.  

All inclusive without pandering, in fact I'd argue ultimately enhancing Shoots Scores not only as an onscreen product but fitting the theme so much more so than anyone knew!

After the 1st day of filming actually one of the mothers came up to me and said I was doing a great job and that she was surprised how much I was getting out of her son. He has  Asperger's she'd said, and I remember thinking about that and replying, 

 "No I didn't. I don't care what he has. He's doing a good job regardless. He's listening to direction and I've not been treating him any differently really."

I did notice his eye-line tended to sway at times but so what, like any actor's might, I adjusted by breaking the script lines down into smaller stretches and then spliced them all together at the end! I knew they'd be surprised when they saw the final product at the Quest for Youth Showing, and know they were happy, at least witnessed by the big hug I received after the showing, but I've now finished adding a few bells and whistles to it and look forward to getting copies out to all those parents of the kids who participated and for it airing in the new year on Rogers Tv..

Congrats to all who were involved and I hope you all learned a little bit about film making - if not about life itself!

TP Out!

Here's some words from a participant's parent who made the experience all worth doing......

Highway 11 Cruisers Car Club are not the Newmarket Car Club!

I feel compelled to write about car clubs. 
Car clubs you ask? Why? What possible connection do car clubs have to entertainment or events or venues? More than a little bit as you'll soon read!

Firstly, I know squat about car clubs and have no qualifications to judge who has better cars or is the best group. When I grew up, what we considered Newmarket's car club hung out at the donut shop, and that's where you'd see all the cool cars all shined up-like and waiting to be ogled. We youngins' would flock like bees to honey as we looked over the beauts usually whilst the cars owner(s) would sit inside the local donut hole with some gorgeous "babe" - most often out of our leagues, before drive - thru's you see. Ha.
TP at start of Collingwood Elvis Festival parade adorned by cars!

Then we'd all gather as the car started up, sometimes greeted with a short spurt of speed if it was a muscle car, or we'd just take in the essence if it was a nostalgic car. Of course even back then the coppers would nail you for show-driving so a short burst was usually all we got... in town at least. That story for another day! But it was a memory brought back when I saw the listing for the Highway 11 Cruisers as the Harvey's on Yonge. Cool!

Any idea which club this belongs to? Me has no label..ha!
Two car clubs? bad.

Possible politics aside, I can instantly see where a rivalry could start though between car clubs as exists here, add in ex member elements which are bound to creep in you likely have a definition for it. All I know is I've had dealings with individual members of both groups in the past and all seemed like good guys.Except they wouldn't let me drive their cars.Ha.

In fact this past summer I think I may have gotten off to a rocky start when, through blogging, we may have referred to the Highway 11 Cruisers as the other club. Gulp. Ooops! What I meant the heading to read was just: Newmarket car club hosts..blahblah blah without giving a name, but just that it was a Newmarket based car Club, and thus the confusion methinks. Confused? So was I but no more!

The Newmarket Car Club - not the Cruisers - had adorned the Deli House Catering's Stellar lane parking lot at an event with some very cool vehicles whilst at the same time Deli House offered up BBQ burgers and a make-shift stage sported some cool 50's, 60's era tunes. Refreshments were served up too and a fun outdoor event seemed to be had by all.
Our car back in the day in Aurora! Gramps..that you!?

Problem was, at that time, we hadn't really met the guys from the Cruisers or Newmarket Car Club yet and as online promoters for Deli House Catering, we were just trying to draw attention that D.H.C was hosting a fun event outside rather than focus on the minute details of who the actual club was, band, etc - details of which I didn't have at the time and as everybody who knows Johnny knows- if he's busy he's sometimes hard to nail down. Ha. Essentially I thought the two were one and the same thus my confusion when it turns out the Highway 11 Cruisers are hosting New Year's Eve there!

Headed by president Danny Fachini, the Newmarket / highway 11 corridor based Highway 11 Cruisers Car Club also hold many an event with Sick Kids being the recipient - like New Year's Eve Gala - also at Stellar hall upstairs in their beautiful hall with room for up to 200 New Year's revelers!

Knowing what I now know, I of course respect the distinction between the two clubs and the importance the identity relayed as such to be. Now, in my defense, outsiders wouldn't know the difference as someone put it to me, but that aside I will certainly endure to word future car club events with a critical eye to detail..just like a pinstripe on a car!

I mentioned I'd had dealings with both clubs and to that end a member of the Newmarket Car Club, which incorporated as a non profit in 1982 but claim existence since 1974, helped me through editing a piece of the short film Shoots, Scores  I Wrote / Directed for the YRDSB's Quest for Youth 2012 - he did a great job dealing with my patience and I look forward to it airing on Rogers in the future or possibly entered into the York Region Media Festival...we shall see..until then....It's Christmas so...let's all just try a liiiiiiiiiiiiitle harder to get along (spoken in my Sat Night Live Church Lady impression voice)....Just for Xmas..Ha!Ho!HA!?

To sum up the area has 2 car clubs. Newmarket Car Club & Highway 11 Cruisers Car ah sorry..I mean the Highway 11 Cruisers and Newmarket Car Club....Ha.Kidding..
And cars are cool..very cool....

One last car connection both Deli House and TPE will be hosting a booth at the 2013 Newmarket Winter Carnival along with car sponsors Newmarket Mitsubishi Motors and P.A.C.C. on Sat Feb 2 at Fairy Lake Park! 

Have some great food and play our road hockey skills challenge all for a great cause - The Friendly Neighbourhodd Youth Road hockey Challenge......Car! 

Later, TP!

Newmarket Stellar Banquets and Entertainment Hall Features Live Acts Upcoming

Band rocks Stellar Hall Rockin' Deli Night
Stellar Hall, Newmarket, gem for Live Bands.
1220 Stellar dr Unit 205 Newmarket, Ontario

Or Contact TPE to discuss your next Live Event!


What a Venue!

I'm looking forward to the live entertainment and dances being dished up at   Stellar Hall and Event Centre.

I've been working on getting the rights acts and promoters booked into Stellar Hall so that word spreads about how cool a live events facility this is for playing in or holding an event.

From the acoustics, to the ambiance to the easy going staff (should you require them) and ownership, the place just fits the mold - and with a tremendous history of bands and performers who've played in the same location (under another venue name) such as Jeff Healey, David Wilcox, Platinum Blonde, Burton Cummings, Nazareth, Ronnie Hawkins, Blue Rodeo and Alanah Myles to name some we aim to keep that rockin' tradition going!

Deli House Catering is also located above Stellar Lanes along with Stellar Hall in Newmarket. So there can be dinner / hot food available for any event, meeting, or meet up / group.

Watch for upcoming Entertainment events such as with past features like Paper Fortunes, The Expos, The Salads The Yappers! And More.

The Salads!?
The Salads returned to Newmarket for the first time in 3 years and featured special guests Everglo, Paper Fortunes, as well as acoustic Expos performances from Mich and Reed!  






*Please note that the Stellar Hall is located at 1220 Stellar Dr Unit 205 above Stellar Lanes in Newmarket, Ontario Canada.