New Year's Eve Entertainment Newmarket

1220 Stellar Dr Newmarket Ontario Canada Unit 205 - 905-830-9441
So you got caught unawares and have no idea what to do for New Year's Eve you say? Well I just happen to have stashed some tickets away for the Annual Stellar Hall NYE party - dubbed The Stellar Hall Ball - a semi-formal affair featuring live ambience during a 5 course dinner and cocktails followed by a DJ by DJ Junior and dancing and a light late night buffet - all inclusive @$75.00. Website.

New Year's Eve Entertainment Line Up

Hurricane Mike Thompson

In fact the live entertainment will be a "won't want to miss"portion of the evening which begins at 7 pm  while the 1st live performer for live ambience shortly thereafter will be no other than Hurricane Mike Thompson a great singer, composer and instruments player who will be honing in on his dombro playing talent on this night. Although I've seen Hurricane play many times I have no footage of his dombro playing ( after New Year's I will) on file but click here to hear / see what one is should you be curious!

James Alderson

Next on the slate is a performer who's been out of the loop for a spell but is renowned in certain circles for his banjo playing ability and so you can expect some toe tapping ambience from James and I'm really looking forward to his return! Here's James in action!

Kat Vhonda

Kat is a dynamic singer and guitar player who gives it hard for every performance. You can feel she feels the music. Click here to check Kat out. All makes for a magical night.

TP may have a few more add-on surprises come New year's eve so come out to find out what?!

This my friends is one heck of a New year's Eve line-up and add in the experienced and talented DJ Junior as well as the seasoned Stellar Hall Staff and a 5 course dinner into the mix and you have the makings for a great night! Er..Did I mention bar included?! Egads.

Happy New Year! See you at the party! Tickets Txt 289-221-0928

Harry Walker Prkwy & Stellar Dr - Newmarket's Entertainment District

More residential units are planned for around Main St Newmarket not bars

Newmarket's Entertainment & Activities District features excellent school break options.

It's becoming more apparent that Newmarket's Main St. will not suffice as an entertainment district in the growing town of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. There are simply too many residents living in units above and around the establishments for any sort of real night action to take place without recurring noise issues. Seniors buildings overlook it's square as well, adding to the negative impact late night entertainment has in the zone. Not so in Newmarket's unofficial; entertainment / recreational district, a kilometre stretch along Harry Walker Parkway North from Davis Drive to about Ringwell Dr.

Remember bowling? Winter activity revised.
1220 Stellar Features latest in Escape Room technology
Along that stretch you'll find no less than two hotels, the local craft Arch Brewery and retail outlet,  an axe throwing facility, Laser Play with licensed lounge and an upstairs Kids PlayZone, bingo hall, NewMakeIT where creative artists and set builders can be 3d creative - in fact both nearby escape rooms Crypto and Arch Brewing both make signage using them -  and an entertainment and leisure complex at the heart of it all, at 1220 Stellar Dr.and H.W. Parkway, that houses a billiard hall with off- track betting, bowling - including York Region's largest 5 pin centre, an escape room - dance hall, karate centre, and Stellar Hall which features everything from live bands to hip hop to comedy sand dinner theatre and of course weddings and special events. Wow, who knew!? And with the area infused with industry, there are no night time neighbours kept awake evenings and nights by the exciting events that go on.

Recently I had a chance to chat with a few of the business owners and operators in the unofficial entertainment district including Arch Brewing, Crypto Escape Rooms and Stellar Hall and look forward to featuring them in some upcoming online info pieces and video profiles.

Arch Brewer Brewing Company, on Pony Drive adjacent to the Holiday Inn Hotel, is open 7 days a week and open to the public. Here you can see the beer as its brewed and labelled and bottled on site! Cool paraphernalia adorn the walls too with some Souvenir-like buy-ables, samples, and upper floor lounge.

The Crypto Escape Room features the latest in escape room technology where participants are forced to figure out mind bending escapes built into their fantastical themed rooms and based on the traffic I witnessed just while interviewing the owners outside their 1220 Stellar Drive location - down the hallway from stellar hall on the 2nd floor - they are on the right track.

Book for New Year's Eve in Newmarket @ 905-830-9441
Stellar Hall and Event Centre, also in the complex at 1220 Stellar, has been featuring special event nights that showcase live entertainment from rock to hip hop to comedy and dinner theatre, keeping up a long standing tradition for the location which 40 years ago was the biggest live act venue for miles and featured top Canadian Entertainers like Tommy Hunter!

Stellar Bowl - York Region's largest 5 pin bowling centre -  on the main floor level, is also alive and well taking up the ground level spot at the complex along with Bigg Wiggs Billiards. Both of which recreational entertainment venues are becoming rare entities in this day and age for self entertainment and recreation. Stellar Bowl is also open all Xmas break, offering glow in the dark bowling while listening to cool tunes or enjoying a drink.

Town won't license this Main St location as a nightclub

I believe the town needs to start recognizing this " industrial" area as also the entertainment district and supporting it as so, including relaxing zoning regulations on occasion to adjust to the times.

This unit left sits empty on Main St. as the town will not license it for a Nightclub or bar - despite the location having been one of Newmarket's longest having been known as Fitzgerald's, Sneakers Sports Bar and the White Rabbit over the years.

And while the town may not have been successful in attracting much industry to it's crosstown industrial designated area, these industries seem to mix well in the zone. they say...if it ain't broke don't fix it. Although, we can enhance it, and transit past 7:30 pm would be nice.

Stellar and Harry Walker Parkway - The Heart of Entertainment and Activities in Newmarket

Arch sits on perch engraved using 3d technology from NewMakeIt
Visit Newmarket's Entertainment and Activities District soon and check out the new and old businesses, entertainment and activities available for Xmas and March break and night time activities including the Stellar Hall featuring the (click to book)  New Year's Eve Stellar Hall Ball and in the new year look for their upcoming regular monthly Jam as well as  a new feature band / talent contest series!

Stay tuned to TPE for more. Just Google Entertainment Newmarket to stay in the loop!
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Cater Xmas Dinner - Get On The Good List

It's a fantasy for some to not have to worry about Xmas Dinner with all the dishes, time wasted away from the kids and family and being just plumb just worn out from the seasonal festivities...Did I mention the dishes! Ho Ho Ha!

....Well never fear Newmarket, East Gwillumbury, Sharon residents residents because such a caterer exists who will not only be open on Christmas day, but make you a turkey dinner and all the fixin's as well for your pick up or delivery. Dinner rates start at $20 per person which seems reasonable but you'd best hurry should you wish to get an order in! 

Dec 23 is the deadline for #1 Elfs! 905-830-4208
Newmarket New Year's party info click here.

New Year's Eve Stellar Hall Ball

Annual New Year's Eve Stellar Hall Ball is all inclusive featuring 5 course dinner including appetizers, live music & DJ. Tickets at TPE 289-221-0928 or Stellar Hall @ 905-830- 9441


Antipasto Platter

Tortellini Alfredo or Wild Mushroom Risotto

Choice of Steak, Chicken Marsala or Eggplant Parmesan Tower

Country Style Salad (Vinaigrette)

Chocolate Drizzled Cheese Cake

Late Night Light Buffet with Sweets.

Seating starts 7pm with Cocktail & Appetizers. 

Dinner @ 830-9pm

Friendly, experienced staff who take pride in giving you a good time! A longtime Tom's Top 10!

$15 each ticket to Newmarket Minor Hockey Association.

Live Entertainment during dinner portion! 

Spend New Year's Eve in Newmarket 2017


A TOM's Top 10 for singles, couples, and groups is the Annual New Year's Stellar Hall Ball held at  Stellar Hall & Event Centre in Newmarket, Ontario. Includes Silent Auction with signed sports memorabilia - all auction proceeds to the Newmarket Minor Hockey Association.

Stellar Hall & Event Centre 1220 Stellar Dr. 905-830-9441
Stellar Hall's  Annual New Year's Party at 1220 Stellar Drive - the Annual Stellar Hall Ball is a great time @  $75 per person which includes plated table service, hot and cold appetizers, late night light buffet and an open bar, with TPE presents live ambient dinner entertainment, followed by the DJ dance party with Hosts EverGlo. Party Favours include Champagne Toast at Midnight!  

Semi to Formal Dress Code.

In addition to the silent auction, attendees may also opt to participate in a raffle draw for exciting prizes or 50/50 draw.

"It was a freakin' blast! Great hosts for New Year's"
Steve Wilson, Newmarket, Ontario

2016 - 2017 Annual N.Y.'s Eve Stellar Hall Ball Menu

Antipasto Platter
Tortellini Alfredo or Wild Mushroom Risotto
Choice of Steak, Chicken Marsala or Eggplant Parmesan Tower
Country Style Salad (Vinaigrette)
Chocolate Drizzled Cheese Cake
Late Night Light Buffet with Sweets.
$75.00 person. Includes open bar. 
Seating starts 7pm with Cocktail & Appetizers. Dinner @ 9pm


Reserve while you can. Call or Text TPE @ 289-221-0928 for more or tickets / info or email Percentage of all tickets proceeds to N.M.H.A..

Bookings of tables of 8 or more receive table wine pour service and bottle for their table.

Below pics from some past New Year's Eve's at Stellar Hall catered by Deli House Catering.


Contact TPE to reserve tickets! TXT 289-221-0928 or email