2014 Newmarket Ball Hockey Challenge Road to Olympic Gold

Fact: The 2014 Canadian Men's Olympic Gold Medal winning team got together in the off season prior to the Olympics to play ball hockey. This, off season conditioning and 'get to know" your line-mates in- action activity, helped the Canadians to having a dominant tournament, where they lost not one game, and incredibly, allowed only 3 goals against. Some say it was the best performance by a Canadian team ever. I say, Car!

Kids, now is your opportunity to get into the mix and maybe one day becoming an Olympian yourself on Sat March 15 2014, The 10th Annual Friendly Neighbourhood Youth Road Hockey Challenge , Ontario's longest running ball hockey event, to be held this year at  395 Mulock Drive Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, at the town office building and parking lot.

Join in the Fun St Mar 15 395 Mulock 10:30 AM Start
There will be a round robin tourney style games for those aged 7 to 12 and for ages 13 - 18 as well as "pick up game" and activities for all ages  as well as prizes and skills contests. A tennis ball is used for all games only. Free Entry, hot chocolate and nourishment will be available as well for team participants. Hot food and beverages also available to the public provided by Piccola Italia.

Be a Leader! Form a team and you could win a $ Award - The Mike Thornhill Friendship Award

Youths may pre-sign up to ensure team entry or to be placed on a team by emailing their (team) name, contact name / team organizer and phone number to tpeproductions@gmail.com or players can show up the day of the event before 10:30AM Sat March 15 to register or for more or to volunteer or call 289-221-0928 .

All ages pick up games will also be available for anyone to play in all day as well as indoor access for warmth, bathrooms, featured entertainment, and award presentations.

Youth can access more detailed games rules highlights from last year and past event history and pics here.

Aurora's Lou Moore, Guitar Picking Legend Live Teacher too

Recently I popped into Col Mustard's Pub & Grill on a Thursday night top check out Lou Moore as I heard he was now offering up guitar lessons as well, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Available pickers are born everyday you know.

Now, previously I wouldn't be considered a big country music fan, in fact I've spoofed country, albeit my spoofs message was as you get older you understand country music more, and to be fair Lou plays blue- grass and other tune genres too and mixes things up every week by bringing in guest performers from his amazing array of friend / performers that he's amassed over the years.

The Colonel
On this night his entourage of performers included multi-instrumentalist but on this night guitar player Mitchell Lewis, including the straight steel guitar which gave a really unique vibe and twist to the tunes on the night with no pedals or levers for string bending. Bass player Rodney St. Amand was also on hand this night along with Al Cross on drums formerly of Big Sugar

Getting back to the country thing. Growing up I guess you could say I was  die hard rock music lover, but as I've aged I've learned to appreciate all music and I particularly enjoy a seasoned performer of it all and with that you can't go wrong at a Lou Moore show.

Moore will be on tour in Europe later in March with The Good Brothers, but you can still catch him Thursdays until then and for a special upcoming show  Thursday Mar 6 2014 featuring also The Good Brothers at Col Mustard's Newmarket.

I interviewed The Good Brothers a number of years ago in Georgina for a Rogers TV show I hosted called Out & About and remember them to be seasoned performers and professionals all the way. Seats are almost sold out so reserve or sit at the bar early to get in!

Fabulous Aurora Musician Lou Moore has had a long career in the music business playing acoustic guitar with an assortment of band instrument mates over the years who themselves have played in bands with the likes of legendary Canadian musicians and performers such as Ian Tyson, Prairie Oyster, The Good Brothers, Ricky Skaggs and David Wilcox and Tommy Hunter!
It would be a thrill to go see Lou and his band of merry drop-in mates - which you can do on Thursday nights at Newmarket's Col Mustard's - but imagine being able to have guitar lessons from the now almost legendary Aurora based performer himself, which he's now offering up to a limited number of students - and at $30 a half hour according to the website that's a steal!

The amazingly talented picker guitar man is more interested it seems in spreading the craft of his musician-hood than making it rich, but finds inspiration now in showing a new generation the "how to's" of guitar playing and is willing to take on those with the desire to learn to play the instrument.

Big Redd Ford with Lou Moore 1970's

The stories alone he tells includingthe good old days around folks like Ronnie Hawkins and such is worth the price of admission let alone lessons. Ha. 

Whether you love country, blues, blue grass, classic rock, picking or strumming, acoustical or electric guitar, you'd count yourself lucky to get on-board with Lou Moore experienced guitar player, singer and performer extraordinaire. That's Why Lou Moore Guitar Lessons are an amazing find to me - and definitely a Tom's Top 10 Business Service for both cost and talent!

Contact Lou Moore here.  Or Call 905 - 841 - 4037 before he books up!

DryDance Events No Alcohol Dance GTA


I was so looking forward to the first monthly DryDance Production event on Sat Feb 15 at Stellar Hall and Event Centre in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada - unit 205, second floor above the Stellar Bowl. The 19 +, alcohol free events and dances are targeted towards a more mature crowd with rotating themes and coinciding activities planned to reflect that. There is no alcohol consumption allowed in the hall during any TPE Productions DryDance events.

It was a BLAST! For the opening night we decided to theme the dance as an escape from winter and so sun and tropical -like influences  ruled the evening, although aside from the excellent theme inspired Reggae rooted band, The Yappers, we also offered dj style music with everything from classic rock early on to the latest in dance music and Latin Dance, all pumped out through a clean, surround sound system with dance lights creating the desired effect. The goal is to inspire an exciting atmosphere that allows people to dance, have fun, or socialize and welcomes anyone interested in partaking. As the events grow in size, so too will the bells and whistles and we hope to add atmospheric live entertainment to the earlier part of the evening in future or karaoke as well as perhaps with an early bird supper club menu.

Theme Menus
We'll continue to have draws and wacky contests and give out theme related prizes, as well as offer a theme inspired menu offering quick bite munchies like cajun style fish tacos! Also watch for "virgin" style exotic drinks such as Pinacoladas and fresh fruit and yogurt smoothies too! Mmmm. Use it or lose it!

Not sure how the prizes will be given out each time yet, but certainly the person most dressed in theme will win something! You don't have to dress up but do please put your dancing shoes on! Ha! Hey, and maybe break out some Michael Jackson moon dancing for memory lane!

Stellar Hall is made up of two semi adjoining rooms - the main hall, and a smaller room with area for mingling and to order food and beverages from. There is also long corridor hallway for strolling and an elevator should anyone wish instead of stairs for smoking outside.

The event has a $10 cover charge or $5 in advance  includes entrance to the dance and a chance at door prizes as well as light snacks. Theme menu or Pop or water also available at only $1.50. Advanced Tickets info Stellar @  905-830-9441 or TPE @ 289-221-0928

TP Entertainment & Productions will keep these dances going once a month as long as supported and will continue to add fun add-on activities to the mix - so stay tuned to DryDance Productions - No Ads - Simply Google Search DryDance Newmarket for info and dates each month or No Alcohol Dance.

                                                          DryDance Production
                                                    Hope to see you soon! TP Out
Hair Dryer Alert!

Newmarket Annual Youth Road Hockey Challenge

Join us in 2014 for the Friendly Neighbourhood Youth Road Hockey Challenge 
SAT MAR 15 at 395 Mulock Dr Newmarket for Ontario, Canada's longest running annual ball hockey tourney. No charge to play. Something for all ages. Round robin play for 7-12 ,13 -18 yrs as of Dec 31 2013.

Form a team or come alone - Play in the tourney or some pick-up or just watch!   

Skills contest and prizes! Organize a team and you could win the Mike Thornhill Friendship $ Cash Award.

19 + Opening Face Off Party Fri Mar 14 featuring live entertainment including Hip Hop sensations Kryhme Syndicate, Psychedelic Country rock band Clean Fill Wanted and Reggae / rock originals The Yappers..Join us on Face Book to stay in the game! Youth Road hockey event

Aurora Audio Video Installation Products Screen Sale

Reference Entertainment Installs in Pubs
Installing is a job that someone has to do. While everyone enjoys listening to great recorded music or watching TV or video screen Movies, Sports, the Olympics, and latest UFC battles on their big screen tv, video and home audio entertainment centres - whether that be at home or in your favourite sports bar or restaurant, theatre, or entertainment hall / center,  you need to be able to rely on the product and installation specialists to be skillful and knowledgeable, and to that end you can't go too much wrong with Reference Entertainment based out of Aurora, Ontario, Canada and just a half hour from Toronto or Barrie. With over 35 years experience, they've been supplying top quality products and installation service of #audio and #video delivery devises and have built up a wide distribution network of brands at their disposal and so price their products and service better and can CUSTOM FIT you for audio video product or installation with stellar reputation for quality service. Whether home theatre system, audiophile music system, multi-room keypad system, home automation, lighting they cover it all and use only top quality electronic components, speaker systems and flat panel displays.

Corporate system set ups
If you can get one of the owner- operators Ray to open up a bit, you'll find he knows a lot about audio and video and including being a recording artist, known to be very particular about sound. So you're getting experience plus a bit of a perfectionist in Ray Yapper, a good combination to have to trust your sound and visual installation or sales to @ very reasonable rates.

It was cool being behind the scenes at the World famous El Mocambo alongside Ray as he went to work displaying the sound he has so fine tuned, but he obviously get's it honestly and a love of a craft always means a better product whether live or memorex!
A Tom's Top 10 for Service
Is it live or Reference?
TPE says you can never go without a top notch sound and video guy, so before you open another bar, theatre ot just plain home living room set or centre call your reference point -   
Reference Entertainment and enjoy the show!  
Call 416 - 303-5451

Night Clubs and Restaurants Guide Newmarket for Valentines Specials

TOM's TOP 10 is 20 years old!
Welcome to At the Clubs and Local Flavour all rolled into one! Traditionally January & February are the slowest times of the year in the hospitality industry and to that end communicating what restaurants and clubs have is important.

In addition to what I was able to note here on what clubs & restaurants / bars are doing in the new year, there is more info more posted in my Tom's Top 10 Newmarket Dining Entertainment Guide already - accessible to you via this link or simply by Google searching " Entertainment, Dining, Newmarket" or
Toms Top 10 Guides.

At a stopover at Big Chris BBQ at their recent Tues Jam Night I found out about some upcoming acts but one in particular stood out to me which was Taratuma,  a long time, very popular band in the area, and not heard of them playing locally in a while, so a great chance to check them out whilst enjoying some Big Chris BBQ from the smokehouses menu. As well as Feb 14 w Connie Scriver for Valentines Day

Watch for TPE's Tom's Top 10 Dining reviews.

With Valentines Day coming up, a number of places are offering up some pretty nice night out packages. 

Villa Risi for example offers fine dining and also live jazz/blues duo entertainment, featuring the fab rythm, blues and jazz singer sensation Lori Viola for Feb 14 Valentines Day Dinner and a special, with choices menu.and options including glass of champagne and divine chocolates and ala carte style menu choices!.
I'd book fast to impress your lady or guy. Pronto!

Valentines Dinner Theatre

Stellar Hall and Events Centre - 1220 Stellar Dr, Newmarket - has a couple of events going on Valentines Day weekend, including the feature night Feb 14 Dinner Theatre show in a show directed by Karen barjker and featuring prefpormers from Spotlight! Book now for this sure to be sold out event! New Years also always a blast at Stellar Hall. Call 289-221-0928 for more info.

Sparro Ristorante coming soon
I'm sure all of Tom's Top 10 have some kind of entertainment and dining specials set up for valentines - check out the Tom's Top 10 Dining Entertainment Guide to access them all.

TOMBITS: I discovered another place in Newmarket on Main St below Made In Mexico called Tequila 185, Top 10 worthy as well, offering up some dining w dancing and occasional live entertainment .

Watch for a new Italian restaurant by Riverwalk Commons and Main St, Sparro Ristorante, coming soon!,

Stopped by The Cove on Davis Dr in search of Newmarket's best Fish & Chips deal $5 but arggg! The owner was not around to say hi too! Stay tuna-ed! Also a lively sports bar...Arrrr!gos?!

In my travels I'm often in a hurry and doing fast food and expect a value for my dollar when doing so and in response to that Tom's Top 10 categories will continue to pop up on your screens with our latest being Tom's Top 10 Pizza! Enjoy!

TP Out!