Toronto Sights great behind the scenes

The nooks and crannies of the city of Toronto cannot be experienced by a map. One has to get out on foot to discover some of the gems, otherwise you may never discover them at all.
TO Movie Shoots LIST

Window Shopping



Who knew cows roamed between a set of buildings near the CN Tower? Well metal ones anyway. And what of the alleyways and walkways lined with graffiti and art or a mix of the two...the little sayings, posters, unique many and so much more to ponder and observe.
Bull Shoot

Anti Social - Media

Bathurst St

' Sup Yo?

The last tree...

North York
St Clair

World Famous Yonge St - worlds longest St.

Near Bay St
TO is vibrant and whether you seek indoor or outdoor adventure, this safe city in which I was born, offers you all the eye candy you can stomach the more you dig into the crevices...enjoy..and watch out for the elephants!

                                         All Photos by TPE All Rights Reserved @ 2015
Front St

King St

Yonge / Isabella

Kensington Market


Feminists slide built for men. Lol.

Catch me if you can! TP out!