Aurora's Lou Moore, Guitar Picking Legend Live Teacher too

Recently I popped into Col Mustard's Pub & Grill on a Thursday night top check out Lou Moore as I heard he was now offering up guitar lessons as well, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Available pickers are born everyday you know.

Now, previously I wouldn't be considered a big country music fan, in fact I've spoofed country, albeit my spoofs message was as you get older you understand country music more, and to be fair Lou plays blue- grass and other tune genres too and mixes things up every week by bringing in guest performers from his amazing array of friend / performers that he's amassed over the years.

The Colonel
On this night his entourage of performers included multi-instrumentalist but on this night guitar player Mitchell Lewis, including the straight steel guitar which gave a really unique vibe and twist to the tunes on the night with no pedals or levers for string bending. Bass player Rodney St. Amand was also on hand this night along with Al Cross on drums formerly of Big Sugar

Getting back to the country thing. Growing up I guess you could say I was  die hard rock music lover, but as I've aged I've learned to appreciate all music and I particularly enjoy a seasoned performer of it all and with that you can't go wrong at a Lou Moore show.

Moore will be on tour in Europe later in March with The Good Brothers, but you can still catch him Thursdays until then and for a special upcoming show  Thursday Mar 6 2014 featuring also The Good Brothers at Col Mustard's Newmarket.

I interviewed The Good Brothers a number of years ago in Georgina for a Rogers TV show I hosted called Out & About and remember them to be seasoned performers and professionals all the way. Seats are almost sold out so reserve or sit at the bar early to get in!

Fabulous Aurora Musician Lou Moore has had a long career in the music business playing acoustic guitar with an assortment of band instrument mates over the years who themselves have played in bands with the likes of legendary Canadian musicians and performers such as Ian Tyson, Prairie Oyster, The Good Brothers, Ricky Skaggs and David Wilcox and Tommy Hunter!
It would be a thrill to go see Lou and his band of merry drop-in mates - which you can do on Thursday nights at Newmarket's Col Mustard's - but imagine being able to have guitar lessons from the now almost legendary Aurora based performer himself, which he's now offering up to a limited number of students - and at $30 a half hour according to the website that's a steal!

The amazingly talented picker guitar man is more interested it seems in spreading the craft of his musician-hood than making it rich, but finds inspiration now in showing a new generation the "how to's" of guitar playing and is willing to take on those with the desire to learn to play the instrument.

Big Redd Ford with Lou Moore 1970's

The stories alone he tells includingthe good old days around folks like Ronnie Hawkins and such is worth the price of admission let alone lessons. Ha. 

Whether you love country, blues, blue grass, classic rock, picking or strumming, acoustical or electric guitar, you'd count yourself lucky to get on-board with Lou Moore experienced guitar player, singer and performer extraordinaire. That's Why Lou Moore Guitar Lessons are an amazing find to me - and definitely a Tom's Top 10 Business Service for both cost and talent!

Contact Lou Moore here.  Or Call 905 - 841 - 4037 before he books up!