2014 Newmarket Ball Hockey Challenge Road to Olympic Gold

Fact: The 2014 Canadian Men's Olympic Gold Medal winning team got together in the off season prior to the Olympics to play ball hockey. This, off season conditioning and 'get to know" your line-mates in- action activity, helped the Canadians to having a dominant tournament, where they lost not one game, and incredibly, allowed only 3 goals against. Some say it was the best performance by a Canadian team ever. I say, Car!

Kids, now is your opportunity to get into the mix and maybe one day becoming an Olympian yourself on Sat March 15 2014, The 10th Annual Friendly Neighbourhood Youth Road Hockey Challenge , Ontario's longest running ball hockey event, to be held this year at  395 Mulock Drive Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, at the town office building and parking lot.

Join in the Fun St Mar 15 395 Mulock 10:30 AM Start
There will be a round robin tourney style games for those aged 7 to 12 and for ages 13 - 18 as well as "pick up game" and activities for all ages  as well as prizes and skills contests. A tennis ball is used for all games only. Free Entry, hot chocolate and nourishment will be available as well for team participants. Hot food and beverages also available to the public provided by Piccola Italia.

Be a Leader! Form a team and you could win a $ Award - The Mike Thornhill Friendship Award

Youths may pre-sign up to ensure team entry or to be placed on a team by emailing their (team) name, contact name / team organizer and phone number to tpeproductions@gmail.com or players can show up the day of the event before 10:30AM Sat March 15 to register or for more or to volunteer or call 289-221-0928 .

All ages pick up games will also be available for anyone to play in all day as well as indoor access for warmth, bathrooms, featured entertainment, and award presentations.

Youth can access more detailed games rules highlights from last year and past event history and pics here.