Tom's Top 10 Pizza Choices Newmarket Guide Listing

A Slice of heaven from Piccola
It was only a natural that Tom's Top 10 would tackle pizza choices. Tom's first job in the restaurant business was with Pat & Marios Restaurants at their first ever store located on Ravel Road in Toronto Ontario and first main claim to fame in the kitchen, before become Kitchen Manager, was the pizza flipper! TP was the fastest in the house, trained by the original management from the Mother's Pizza chain which was all owned by Yesac Corporation - Caseys spelt backwards - another "chain" restaurant-bar they owned.

Pat & Mario's restaurants were actually the first of their kind as a chain restaurant in Canada to combine family dining with a DJ / dancing - also having a bar and dance floor area that kicked in about 9:30 pm - preceding Pete & Marty's, Mr Grumpps and the rest.they specialized in Italian and Irish cuisine!

Tom's Original Top 10
But back to pizza! We took great pride in prepping the dough, adding just the right amount of yeast and allowing for overnight proof time so the pizza pies were absolutely perfecto! We used a conveyor type oven so they went in one side and out the other done, cut, and thrown up in the window with the P&M's signature mix of grated mozzarella and brick cheese's part of the secret to their popularity.

Later on P&M's opened locations at Yonge & Eglinton, Front & Church and Airport strip and TP worked with the Executive Chefs at the original parent store, assisting in coming up with and trying new menu items including the addition of 'gourmet" wood oven pizzas - individual pizzas made with a "pastry-dough". Mmm..goat cheese, artichoke hearts, sundried tomato! Crisp snap off to the bite! Ahh..Memories!

Tom's Top 10 Pizza Newmarket takes into account selection, service, freshness, variety, consistency, value and taste. They are in no particular order as Tom recommends any of them depending on the mood!
Tom's Top 10 Pizza Parlours

Piccola Italia Ristorante 130 Davis Drive 905-836-5783 Tombit: Great crust. Italian Bakery soon! No night delivery.

Palace Pizza & Spaghetti House  727 Davis Dr  905-898-1511 Tombit: Longtime traditional fave.

Econo Pizza, 237 Main St S  905-898-6666 Tombit: Quality pizza, abundant toppings, good value.

Al Forno Pizza 161 Davis Dr- 905-830-0009 Tombit: Gourmet style pizza. Deelish.

Titos Pizza : 89 Davis Dr 905- 952-2222 Tombit: Fresh dough and top grade toppings. Wings too.

Molisana Bakery 16635 Yonge St  - 905-830-0803  - Tombit: Fresh. Home made sauces. Great crust. No delivery.

Naples Pizza 17915 Leslie St  - 905-895-9925 - Tombit: Family owned. Garlic crust house specialty.

Boston Pizza- 18119 Yonge St   905-953- 0229- Tombits: Dine-in fave. Great for kids / families.

Regino's Pizza 14810 Yonge St Aurora 905-841-7002 - Tombits: Not in Newmarket but delivers to.

Chubby's Burger 1100 Davis Dr - 905-836-8200 Tombits: Unusual name for a best pizza. Stonebaked. No delivery.

Think you have what it takes to be a Toms Top 10 Service, Restaurant, Entertainer, Take-out, Fine Dine or or Pizza? 289-221-0928

Woodbridge Jazz, Blues, R&B, Latin Singer a TOM's TOP 10 G.T.A. Booking

I first caught whiff of songbird Lori Viola's husky vocals while sitting at the piano bar lounge at Villa Risi Ristorante ( Envision me speaking ala Humphrey Bogart ). I'd been sitting with Peter, one of the owners of Villa Risi, when suddenly this sultry voice wrapped in velvet enveloped my limited attention span - a feat in itself. I was enamored. This dame had class. Something, I, unfortunately, was born without. LORI VIOLA - Jazz, Blues, R&B, Latin, Swing, Italiano, Pop Singer
Lori Viola is also fluent in Italian and available alone, as a duo, or with her band.

Accompanied by her Pianoman, the steamy, bluesy,  jazzy, rythm and blues numbers Lori Viola belted out, added an ambiance so missing in today's G.T.A. entertainment scene - let alone dining and entertainment.

Performances in fine dining restaurants - even ones offering a fine cuisine and decor at affordable prices and a beautiful piano bar - are far and few between, and finding a gem Lady Singer with the range in both vocal abilities with the sheer number of songs that she is able to warble, was a definite bonus for me on this night, setting mood as such I'd not had in some time. A walk back in time if you will, like an old movie sound track, and certainly a pleasure worthy of any special occasion, wedding, reception, anniversary, birthday, swank theme night, fundraiser, or suitable film / tv / video / audio production.

Lori's R&B version of a "Georgia" so touched a local radio station owner as to inquire as to who the singer of the beautiful recording he was listening too was, unaware whilst dining in another room, that the sultry voice was no recording at all but a live performance of Ms. Viola, prompting him to request a copy to play on their station - which they did much to her delight...and that of the listeners!

Don't take my word for it, glimpse Lori Viola's video performance captured at a recent show!  You can be a listener now as Lori is now available across York Region, The G.T.A. and The Golden Horseshoe for a limited number of private bookings. Make your special event remembered for all the right reasons. Visit the website for booking contacts and more detailed information.

Singer Lori Viola is a TPE Productions Top 10 Booking

Valentines Dinner Show a Stellar Newmarket Affair

Stellar Valentines Dinner Theatre Show coming for 2015!

Limited Tickets. Call 905-830-9141 for ticket and show info!

Stellar Hall & Event Centre will host a Special Valentines Dinner Show February 14 2015.

The menu includes a 4 course meal - choices  of  main courses and vegetarian upon request.

The dinner includes a mystery style live dinner theatre with performers from Spotlight, Directed by Karen Barker.

Tickets for the dinner show go on sale Jan 2015.

Stellar Hall  and Event Centre is much more than a banquets hall facility, featuring two rooms for a convenient separated bar and lounge area.
The banquets and restaurant, events hall, hosts a number of regular dances and live entertainment for all ages, including co-hosting the annual and now 2015 Highway 11 Cruisers Car Club fundraiser for Sick Kids New Years Eve party and dinner.

Stellar Hall & Event Centre is located at 1220 Stellar Dr in Newmarket Ontario 2nd floor unit 205 with a convenient front door entrance elevator.

Call Stellar Hall & Events Centre at 905-830-9441 to Reserve

At The Clubs Newmarket and Video Highlights of Tom's Top 10 Entertainment

Stellar Hall & Event Centre Feb 14 and 15th Dance Events
Wow what a week in entertainment and action! Tom's Top 10 New Years Eve Guide was so successful it made sense to keep the service for people searching online for an area Dining and Entertainment Guide. In the 1st week the listing  has received 200 views from people searching for those terms! Now that is targeted search marketing! Just punch into your computer - " Dining Entertainment Newmarket" or " Entertainment Guide" or " Toms Top 10" or any combination therein and a Tom's Top 10 listing pops up onscreen! Powerful stuff.

Meantime, my vision for Tom's Top 10 fits in with TPE Productions, with all the promotion, band / event bookings and video productions involved.TPE plans to put together interesting videos of the various hotspots and the action happening onstage, as well as continue to add fun new additions like TP's industry comics and other tombits to keep things interesting.

I'm looking forward to a couple of events upcoming such as the TPE DRYDance Production, a dance at Stellar Hall Sat Feb 15 featuring The Yappers fresh from playing The famous El Mocambo and dance music DJ style between sets A la carte menu available. Stellar Hall & Events Centre is also featuring a Feb 14 Valentines Night Special Dinner, Dance and Show with award winning dance troupe @ only $70 per couple.

TPE is also putting on a show at Big Daddy's Rock & Roll Emporium Fri March 14 for The Opening Face off Party featuring Clean Fill Wanted and The Yappers. $5 cover charge. I caught a show there last week and it featured a young up and coming band called This Side Up which TPE captured on video. Drum  and guitar work worth seeing!

TPE is involved in organizing the Friendly Neighbourhood Youth Road hockey Challenge and working towards a suitable location to hold the event, with construction presently hindering the original proposed spot. TPE is working with cooperative partners such as Newmarket Councilor Joe Sponga and Newmarket sports store owner Gerry Ertl as well as Highwayy 11 Cruisers Car Club member Danny Fachino, PACC Vice Chair Dan Philion and other interested parties and hopefully we can solve this dilemma - soon!

I managed to pop into a number of places in the past few weeks like Villa Risi Ristorante, and caught some great singing / piano act! Col Mustard's for karaoke, Pirates Cove, Big Chris BBQ, and Stellar Hall and you can catch some of what I captured on our Tom's Top 10 Entertainment highlights video!
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Search "At The Clubs Newmarket" For More Tom's Top 10 Video Highlights!

The Yappers Live at Stellar Hall Sat Feb 15 Tickets $12 Advance $10 289-221-0928
Tom Out

Highway 11 Cruisers Newmarket Car Club Not The Newmarket Car Club -

When is the Newmarket car club not The Newmarket Car Club? When the Newmarket car club you are referring to is one based in Newmarket and not actually called "The Newmarket Car Club", but called the Highway 11 Cruisers Car Club, which often is confused with the smaller, actually named, Newmarket Car Club. Confused yet? Okay I'll simplify it all.The Highway 11 Cruisers, sometimes referred to, mistakenly, as The Newmarket Car Club - which The Newmarket Car Club in name does actually exist - but is not the Highway 11 Cruisers Car Club which hosts the big shows in the area such as the Upper Canada Mall car show as well as the big Mega Speed show in the International Centre in March where in 2014 this Newmarket car club, called the Highway 11 Cruisers C.C., are being featured as a top club. Not The Newmarket Car Club!

Pres Danny middle wishes happy birthday to member
I recently got to spend a little time with some group members at a birthday and over the sold out New Year's Eve at their annual gala with proceeds to Sick Kids, and they are a really down to earth bunch that all share an enthusiasm for cars which was apparent as we all viewed some cool footage of a funny car take off that one of the members had videoed having been lucky enough to get close access. Or unlucky! Ha.

Besides the bigger exciting events, the Highway 11 Cruisers also has weekly fun get togethers such as Tuesday car runs starting from Harveys Restaurant on highway 11 in Newmarket, and does a run along its namesake highway - sometimes to Aurora, Richmond hill, Thornhill , Markham, Vaughn or beyond York Region other times maybe towards Bradford, Georgina or Barrie. Have this Newmarket car club cruise through your "Hood!"

Door Prizes
The C.C. is also active in the community with fundraisers and involved in awareness campaigns such as the Friendly Neighbourhood Youth Road hockey Challenge (Car!) and H11 Cruisers host events such as the Annual Family Glow Bowling night which the club will be hosting on February 15th at Stellar Lanes Bowl, 1220 Stellar dr Newmarket. Everyone is welcome. Glo-Bowling Entry is $22/person includes 2 hours of glow bowling, shoe rental, pizza and soft drink. There will also be tons of door prizes and raffles.
DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 3RD, 2014 For more details visit the Highway 11 Cruisers FB events page 

Sound like a group you'd be interested in checking out? Attend an exciting 2014 show coming to a community near you! Or give President Danny Fachino a call and he'll welcome you on board!

Happy New Year ! TP Out!

Toms Top 10 Entertainment and Restaurant Mother's Day Hot Spots!

Stellar Hall and Event Centre
Newmarket Area Restaurant and Entertainment Tom's Top 10 Guide
Recently I had the fortune of getting out and about during the holidays and new year's season and it spurred me on a wee bit so to speak. First I created a New Year's Eve Guide which went so well, I decided to create a listing Guide of Top 10 choices of restaurants and clubs that offer
both entertainment and good food fare.

I realized there was no reliable place to source local restaurants for night out entertainment and dancing that would also be a good place to eat..or neither for that matter!

Villa Risi has a beautiful Piano Bar too
At any rate, I managed to pop into a few places that had been interested to get on the list and sounds like they all have some cool stuff upcoming.including weekends classic rock live entertainment at Big Chris BBQ, formerly Orleans, and a Valentines Dinner and Dance Feb 14 at Stellar Hall as well as a Drydance Production Feb 15 and Villa Risi features Live Rythm N Blues Entertainment as well!


New Years Eve went off without a hitch with hosts Highway 11 Car Club, the place filling up over the last few days, and the club hosts putting on a great time. Rob the DJ seemed to really have the groove with the dance floor always busy and have to hand it to him. Really a good buzz in the room and door prizes rounded out the fun along with some poker play.

Shortly thereafter I somehow got stung to come in and help out Stellar Hall & Event Centre with a private function birthday featuring..drum all male review! Ha. That was a blast from behind the scenes! Women are crazier than men when it comes to these things.Ha. but in a yahoo fun kind of way....I think...Ha...anyway to the sweet girl who thought I looked like Eric Roberts..Nice try! What kind of a guy do you think I am young lady!? You're right!!!! Doh!

Sailor Jerry Party Jan 17
Also dropped into Big Chris BBQ - yes there really is a Big Chris - and on top of all theweekend live entertainment they have - they have some other cool events on the slate such as a Tues Jams,Sailor Jerry tastings and some hot tub parties for April were mentioned! I'll keep you informed!
Beautiful decor at Villa Risi Ristorante
I never knew Villa Risi was so beautiful inside, well I guess I knew but it had been awhile. 
Peter tells me he has a great line up of entertainers from Rythym n Blues to classic rock to piano and invited me to check it out this Friday night I'm looking forward to it and it's - a gorgeous room for someone to showcase their talent!

I have a wack more places to visit in the next few days and am planning to pop in and test / see some of the Newmarket area entertainment and hospitality upcoming this weekend! Stay tuned!

TP Out!

Ladies Night Hot Spots Newmarket and the GTA

Sorry ladies you did miss an ALL MALE REVIEW in Newmarket Ont at Stellar Hall and Event Centre but stay tuned for more in the future.

Meantime here's a link to  a few Newmarket area hotspots featuring Special Ladies Nights

Now to the night you missed out on by not staying tuned to Tom's Top 10.

Hey, I'd much rather be covering female strippers. Ha..I know what I mean!

As I recall, while a Columnist for CoverStory Newspaper York Region many moons ago, I wrote of the all-male revue held at Fitzgerald's, a long time establishment located on Main St Newmarket. It then was owned by local bar mogul (he had many), now run out of town (got my money!?Ha ), Larry Friel, who was many things, but certainly wasn't afraid to try new things all the time ( he just didn't stick with them long enough to work), but that was one promotion that worked wonderfully as I remember the women acting absolutely nuts! Like animals. Wow. And I mean nuts, cookoo, crazy-nuts..And wilder than men get by far around dancers! Ha, as I remember never looking at my then friend's mom who attended the same again...Memories from the co-o-o-rners of my brain!Ha.

Anyway it would seem this Ladies Night Out in Newmarket Ontario would be one of those "build it and they will come" type deals, so ladies... stay tuned what can I say?...
TP out