Tom's Top 10 Pizza Choices Newmarket Guide Listing

A Slice of heaven from Piccola
It was only a natural that Tom's Top 10 would tackle pizza choices. Tom's first job in the restaurant business was with Pat & Marios Restaurants at their first ever store located on Ravel Road in Toronto Ontario and first main claim to fame in the kitchen, before become Kitchen Manager, was the pizza flipper! TP was the fastest in the house, trained by the original management from the Mother's Pizza chain which was all owned by Yesac Corporation - Caseys spelt backwards - another "chain" restaurant-bar they owned.

Pat & Mario's restaurants were actually the first of their kind as a chain restaurant in Canada to combine family dining with a DJ / dancing - also having a bar and dance floor area that kicked in about 9:30 pm - preceding Pete & Marty's, Mr Grumpps and the rest.they specialized in Italian and Irish cuisine!

Tom's Original Top 10
But back to pizza! We took great pride in prepping the dough, adding just the right amount of yeast and allowing for overnight proof time so the pizza pies were absolutely perfecto! We used a conveyor type oven so they went in one side and out the other done, cut, and thrown up in the window with the P&M's signature mix of grated mozzarella and brick cheese's part of the secret to their popularity.

Later on P&M's opened locations at Yonge & Eglinton, Front & Church and Airport strip and TP worked with the Executive Chefs at the original parent store, assisting in coming up with and trying new menu items including the addition of 'gourmet" wood oven pizzas - individual pizzas made with a "pastry-dough". Mmm..goat cheese, artichoke hearts, sundried tomato! Crisp snap off to the bite! Ahh..Memories!

Tom's Top 10 Pizza Newmarket takes into account selection, service, freshness, variety, consistency, value and taste. They are in no particular order as Tom recommends any of them depending on the mood!
Tom's Top 10 Pizza Parlours

Piccola Italia Ristorante 130 Davis Drive 905-836-5783 Tombit: Great crust. Italian Bakery soon! No night delivery.

Palace Pizza & Spaghetti House  727 Davis Dr  905-898-1511 Tombit: Longtime traditional fave.

Econo Pizza, 237 Main St S  905-898-6666 Tombit: Quality pizza, abundant toppings, good value.

Al Forno Pizza 161 Davis Dr- 905-830-0009 Tombit: Gourmet style pizza. Deelish.

Titos Pizza : 89 Davis Dr 905- 952-2222 Tombit: Fresh dough and top grade toppings. Wings too.

Molisana Bakery 16635 Yonge St  - 905-830-0803  - Tombit: Fresh. Home made sauces. Great crust. No delivery.

Naples Pizza 17915 Leslie St  - 905-895-9925 - Tombit: Family owned. Garlic crust house specialty.

Boston Pizza- 18119 Yonge St   905-953- 0229- Tombits: Dine-in fave. Great for kids / families.

Regino's Pizza 14810 Yonge St Aurora 905-841-7002 - Tombits: Not in Newmarket but delivers to.

Chubby's Burger 1100 Davis Dr - 905-836-8200 Tombits: Unusual name for a best pizza. Stonebaked. No delivery.

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