A Top Choice for New Year's Eve in Newmarket for Dancing, Dinner, Party!

With 2015-16 coming up, Stellar Hall in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada is starting to form its own New Year's Eve Traditions. 

Having known the owner's family prior to the first D.H.Catering location opening, when a then strapping young owner, Johnny Cutrone, came and asked my opinion on the idea of opening a breakfast spot, wherein I think I said, "Go for it!" Its evolved since then to catering and now also a hall.

Don't be alone New Years!
We met when I was a single dad working at Glenway Country Club as a bartender & filling in as fine-dining night waiter too, as they didn't have anyone who knew French Service - other than one other guy & Johnny who I'd coached on it. He too was a single waiter then who'd learned his craft mostly working for a caterer at Aurora's Atrium from a young age and we hit it off as friends despite the age difference. Young pup! lol.
So it was only a natural that he evolved from breakfasts, to catering, to a full fledged Stellar Hall, as is now sported at 1220 Stellar Lane Dr. upstairs above the bowling alley. Of course, he now has kids as well as a wife, and whilst mine are older we're all friends and that's what New Years Eve is about - spending time with friends & good people, and so who better to play host and for me to attend at on N.Y.'s, especially when part of your job is to assist with the nights success!
$75 Includes Open Bar, DJ, Live atmosphere for Dinner

The food speaks for itself - Fresh always with a variety of delicious entrees on the gourmet buffet, Carving Station, Hot H'ordeuvres, Midnight Buffet, Champagne Toast!

Reserve for New Years now...Request Tickets or call TP@905-289-221-0928