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Headliners Glass Ampp rocked Stellar Hall
Recently I was involved in an event that hit town, and I must say I got a good taste of what Arthur Jr Music and Captured Films have been up to - witness the array of talent they were able to assemble for the Newmarket stop of the Talent Search Concert Tour 2014 - and as well I earned a new respect for Farley Flex - Canadian Idol's judge who, up until now, I'd regarded as possibly Canada's token "Randy Jackson" or some shit - no offense meant, just my experience is we often try to copy what they do (like American Idol) and sometimes too literally methinks. But Farley really impressed me with not only his work ethic - rarely leaving the judges area - but his genuine love for entertainment and by caring enough to stick around and offer advice to the contestants. Now that was class. To boot, the info I heard him dish, I agreed with 100%, so I respect his entertainment opinion as well.

Danny Barker
All idol chat aside, there really was some spectacular talent showcased on the evening with host M.C. and co-organizer Danny Barker (along with Maurice Weeks of Arthur Jr Music) doing a solid job moving the night along from talent to talent and genre to genre. There were a few technical issues due to it being a new venue for the guys, but in the end they got it figured out so the bands could wail and and the Comics and Hip Hop contestants could perform. We also got a taste of the hard rock band Glass Ampp and you can expect to hear lots from this talented quartet in the future - wow. I leaned in to Farley to mention how good I thought they were and he informed me he's managing them. Good on him / them and I look forward to their upcoming e.p. release. Remember the name - Glass Ampp.

Maurice Weeks
Speaking of releases, Maurice Weeks of Arthur Jr Music also performed along with some members of the the A JM Family - including some cuts from The Payment which is to be released in May 2014 with beats written by the same guy who wrote for Eminem! NOW RELEASED. This was also the first time I'd heard Maurice perform and freak! he's quite a talent. He's able to rap with the best of them as it were, but also has a commanding stage presence combined with a unique style and 'smooth" voice and lends himself to holding a tune - often as he reels off the lyric others might simply rap straight up. Having previously heard a recorded version, it was also great to listen and see the transition and that it carries over very well to live. I look forward to the full e.p release!

Goliath Paw
The show itself featured 8 hip hop acts 5 bands and 5 comedians, with Contour winning the band category and Goliath Paw coming in second, and being one of the judges, I can tell you Goliath Paw were good, but did lose points with me for having some music beats recorded - wherein had they entered the Hip Hop category they likely would have won it, which Farley Flex pointed out to them as well post contest.

Top Comedians were funnyman Mark Anthony with American Jake Leland second, and Hip Hop acts had Doggie & D Show coming out on top with Douce taking second place. Winners continue on in the tour and win marketing packages, video and recording time.

The night ended with some comments and observations by Farley Flex as he announced the winners offering constructive bits of info  - from telling Contour's lead singer to find another barber,

"Seriously dude, you can't be a front man with that hair cut." Farley Flex

to telling Goliath Paw they entered the wrong category but the most important advice he gave out on the night, was highlighting the need for the acts to be themselves and bring themselves out on stage - not try and emulate some American hood or fashion they saw on a c.d. cover or whatever.

" You need to stand out from others not be the same. I can see 50 other acts just like you. "

Two of the judges Farley Flex and Tom Pearson
 " Do you want to be stars...or superstars? To do that, it is critical you stand out from the rest."

" You're not American, you didn't have that experience, so why are you presenting that?"

" Seriously, I'd rather you be shit and original than the best copy in the world of someone"

Farley Flex , Talent Search Concert Tour 2014, Newmarket stop

Notwithstanding there was still a good amount of entertaining performers on the night and certainly worth the price of admission, and who knows, maybe a star is born!?

Here's some other upcoming Gigs these guys have coming to town in May 2014!

Contour, winners of Best Band & worst hair cut categories!
All Photos By Glenn Rodger


People roll into Stellar Hall
The Judges yo

Tom Pearson and Maurice Weeks

Underground Method
Hip Hopper Entity

The boys!
Stand up comedy winner Mark Anthony and Farley Flex


Farley hams it up with comedian