Jay Z's Freeway Coming to Newmarket, Fri June 27

Newmarket's own Maurice Weeks of the AJM FAM and his new single Love What I Do
Glass Ampp
With the warmer weather comes the excitement of the entertainment biz as people naturally become more mobilized and search out adventures away from the winter lair. Even video and movie shoots ramp up production, now able to go longer and in more agreeable conditions for talent and crew.

Previously I'd written about the need for more live comedy in the north G.T.A. noting that no clubs exclusive for comedy exist, at least not north of highway 7, and to that end, promised to see if we couldn't hook up the right people together to make it so - and I'm happy to say that's exactly what seems to now be transpiring, with TPE connecting Stellar Hall and Event Centre, located in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, with 90 Nickel Entertainment as well as Arthur JR Music.

 Comedian Mark Anthony and Farley Flex
These guys have been combining their talents to produce some top notch live shows - an infusion of which has been in dire need in the area - as one gets stuck in "same old, same old" mode here. What I mean by that is often clubs in Newmarket, Aurora and the 905, are reluctant to bring in any entertainment outside their "norm"(classic rock covers), and certainly not original music from some unknown out - of - towner. No local followers is their limited thinking with places often changing event nights when they don't seem to work immediately, instead of building and supporting them. Everyone wants instant everything. Now!

Tom Pearson Tweets
So when a promoter also brings along a slew of followers and they have a stated mission to seek out and present top talent only, it's a formula that can and has been very effective, and will continue to be as they fill that craving patrons do have, to want to see and hear new exciting tunes and talent from the ground level and up. The recent Talent Search Tour show, held also at Stellar Hall, is a good example. This event showcased scouted, up and coming top talent, and featured headliner draws such as Glass Ampp who rocked the place and band's manager and former Canadian Idol judge Farley Flex. That show had stand up comedians, bands, and hip hop artists, and was a dope show in itself.  
You can read all about it and see the pics here!

That show got the ball rolling and the minds whirring, and, as anyone knows, once event promoters / organizers get together visualizations begin to emerge and it didn't take long for the guys to visualize what I saw, that is a great venue for live shows and also very suitable for comedy shows so we hope to coordinate some bigger names in the future to that end to this venue.
Who knows maybe Steve O. or someone along those lines those A List Lines anyway.
STEVE O! JACK ASS! RU F*#@!& Serious?!

The next shows at Stellar Hall by AJM FAM - and 90 Nickel, who also perform & record, with AJM FAM having just released two singles Love What I Do and The Payment on video recently, produced by Captured Film. The Stellar Hall show will be headlined by one of Jay Z's original crew as FREEWAY comes to town Friday June 27 2014!

 Food Bank Donation Event

Also on the horizon at Stellar Hall is former Jay Z crewman FREEWAY June 27

Look for some more Stellar Entertainment to come out of this crew in the near future and stay tuned for some stoking shows in the works for the future..comedy, music....who knows who they'll get in the future but the venue has been found!

TP out!