Born To Be Blue & Regression to hit screens

Main St Newmarket, Ontario, Canada - movies location
 Born to be Blue is a feature film bio pic coming out in theatres this week that tells the story of a jazz legend, Chet Baker, during a certain period of his life in his forties. The lead role, played by Ethan Hawke, nearly never came to be, yet seemed destined to always. Explanation....

The only reason Hawke took / was offered the role is because it was convenient for Director Robert Budreau to drop off a copy of the script at the hotel to read while he was staying in Toronto filming the Alejandro Amenabar horror film, Regression, in Newmarket, Ontario which open in theatres next month as well, and then pop by on occasion to meet at the bar and discuss his vision on the role / movie while Hawke was missing his family, and between being on set. Geez Canada has paid off well for this Ethan Hawke lad.

The ironic part, and reason for my earlier, "yet seemed destined to always", statement refers to the fact that earlier in his career Hawke had been involved in his own production for a Chet Baker film with Richard Licklater but the film about the legend jazz/blues player, which took place at another time period in the performers life, never got off the ground. So this role has actually been 12 years in the making for him.

Well you never know, maybe York Region will prove yet another set location for the next music legend bio-pic or Tommy Boy scene, what with Newmarket becoming Main Street USA of late, and even the winter blues can be dispelled at Aurora's Winter Blues Festival this weekend!
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